The Empties Area Ep. 01 | Skin Care

Hello friends!

It's been a while since my last post, and I'm back (hopefully better than ever!) to give you guys more recommendations because honestly, when you guys take my recommendations into considerations and even better, TRUST my judgment, it makes me really happy!

For the first episode (of the empties series), I shared exclusively my skincare products. Over my hiatus, I've used so many skin care products. I changed a lot of products on my regime, I switched things, etc. As a result, my empties bag was overflown with bottles of products (whew~). I guess it was a time for me to film and share with you guys my experience using these products. If you love this video, please give a thumb up so I could film the other episodes!
Watch my last video:
Products Mentioned:
1. Senka Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam
2. Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover
3. Nivea MicellAIR Skin Breathe Pearl White
4. Biore Cleansing Oil
5. COSRX Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser
6. Heimish All Clean Balm
1. Sacré Rose Water
2. COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner
3. Some By Mi AHA•BHA•PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner
4. Huxley Secret of Sahara Toner: Extract It
1. COSRX Snail 92 All In One Cream
2. Hada Labo Ultimate Moisturizing Lotion
3. The Saem Snail Soothing Gel
1. Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence
1. Bioderma Hydrabio Brume
2. Caudalie Beauty Elixir
1. TIFF Body Salt Mine Mud Purifying & Pores Care

Easy Peachy Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone!

I'm back with another easy peachy tutorial for you guys! This time round, I made the look very monochromatic and simple, very suitable for daily wear!

By the way, if you're wondering where have I been, go to my YouTube video and check out the description box! :)

Here's the product list, along with the link on where you can find them! (Click on the list to go to the link!)

Hi semuanya!

Aku balik lagi nih sama tutorial yang cocok banget buat pemula! Kali ini, aku bikin suasanya makeupnya sedikit monochrome, dan simple jadi cocok dipakai sehari-hari!

Ngomong-ngomong, kalau kalian bertanya-tanya aku kemana aja, cek description box di video aku ya!

Ini list produk-produknya, sekalian sama linknya dimana kalian bisa beli barang-barangnya!


1. Sephora Beauty Amplifier Perfecting Glow Primer
2. Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer
3. L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer (Orange Corrector)
4. L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation (205 Natural Beige)
5. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer (Medium)
6. LUNA Long Lasting Tip Concealer
7. Rollover Reaction SUEDED! Lip & Cheek Cream (Lucy)
8. Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder (Translucent Extra Coverage)
9. Etude House Drawing Eye Brow (#2 Gray Brown)
10. Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
11. Beauty Creations Tease Me Eyeshadow Palette
12. Innisfree Glitter Single Shadow (#09)
13. Maybelline Hyper Impact Eye Liner
14. L'Oreal Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara (203)
15. Kat Von D Shade + Light Powder Contour Palette
16. Milani Baked Powder Blush (Luminoso)
17. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost (Peach Goddess)
18. BLP Beauty Lip Coat (Butter Fudge)
19. Peripera Peri's Ink Velvet (#6 Celeb Deep Rose)
20. Milani Make It Last Setting Spray


These are not sponsored, but there are some affiliate links! :)

I hope this tutorial is helpful!



I am always on a hunt for a good liptint. No doubt.

Lip tint is super easy for on the go make up. How should I say... it is very effortless?

But the thing is there are TONS of lip tint out there and how am I suppose to know which one is good and which one is not?

For me, personally, the points of good lip tints are; longevity, how it feels on the lips, and the color pay off.

So when I heard people talking great things about this Peripera Peri's Ink Tint Velvet, I really want to try them out because not only the finish in velvet - matte, the colors are beautiful too!

Stylekorean had them on sale (not anymore, boo!) for only around $3, so I cop one of the color which is #6 Celeb Deep Rose.

If you want to see my full on review, watch my video below!


Aku se-doyan itu sama lip tint. Beneran deh.

Soalnya lip tint itu mudah banget buat dipake. Kalau lagi males, pakai liptint aja udah merubah penampilan.

Tapi dari sekian banyak lip tint, gimana sih caranya aku memilih liptint yang bagus?

Aku sendiri menilai liptint yang bagus dari; apakah tahan lama, rasanya di bibir dan warnanya (pigmentasi, etc).

Jadi waktu aku denger orang ngomongin betapa bagusnya Peripera Peri's Ink Tint Velvet, aku bener-bener tertarik banget buat beli karena finishnya semi-velvet matte dan warnanya cantik-cantik banget!

Stylekorean waktu itu jual dengan harga sale (udah nggak lagi sayangnya, huh) sekitar $3, jadi aku beli salah satu warnanya yaitu #6 Celeb Deep Rose.

Kalau kalian mau lihat review lengkapnya, nonton video aku dibawah ya!


FIRST IMPRESSION: Etude House Wonder Fun Park Collection

It used to be all monochrome, but lately I've been spotting unicorn-themed-anything on trend. I don't hate it, as I was a unicorn myself *whining on how I miss my dyed hair*.

Dulu sih warna-warna monochrome nge-trend banget, tapi akhir-akhir ini aku mulai sering ngelihat banyak banget produk-produk yang temanya seperti unicorn. Aku sendiri suka kok, secara aku dulu udah kaya unicorn *tiba-tiba pengen ngecat rambut lagi*

Lime Crime is widely famous for their unicorn theme makeup, Tarte recently launched one, too, but when I saw that Etude House came out with their own version, I am practically gagging.

Lime Crime terkenal banget dengan makeup mereka yang temanya unicorn. Tarte juga baru-baru ini ngeluarin. Tapi waktu Etude House keluarin line makeup yang warna-warni, aku otomatis jadi panik.

I LOVE korean beauty products. I love how they are simple but emphasizing on a certain point and make the look so 'naturally' mesmerizing. So I always naturally gravitate towards the korean beauty trend in my timeline.

Aku cinta banget sama produk kecantikan korea. Aku suka karena mereka simple tapi pinter bikin point di bagian tertentu jadi penampilannya jadi terlihat berbeda. Secara ngga langsung, aku pasti selalu tertarik ke produk kecantikan korea.

Etude House launch this super colorful collection called the Wonder Fun Park. They never associate or claim their collection as 'unicorn' products, but if you see this collection that is super fun and colorful, you just coulnd't help yourself thinking about the magical unicorn!

Etude House baru aja ngeluarin koleksi makeup yang warnanya cerah banget, namanya Wonder Fun Park. Mereka sendiri sih nggak pernah menyebut koleksi ini sebagai koleksi 'unicorn', tapi kalau kalian liat koleksinya, pasti otomatis langsung inget unicorn!

I didn't buy the whole collection, as I felt that I won't be using the eyeshadow palette, but I did manage to get the exciting products!

Aku nggak beli semua produk di koleksi ini, karena aku ngerasa aku nggak akan pakai eyeshadownya, tapi aku berhasil dapetin produk-produk yang menurut aku paling menarik!

So here is the full break down of the products I bought:

Etude House Wonder Fun Park - Candy Cheek
Price: S$ 26.00
Weight: 50g
Video Mark: 03:04

Etude House Wonder Fun Park Candy Highlighter 
Price: S$ 26.00
Weight: 50g
Video Mark: 03:39

The Candy Cheeks are the products that I'm dying to try. I mean, when you look at the pan, it is drop. dead. gorgeous. It's unlike normal blush or highlighter but the colors on the pan is like rainbow where they have layers of colored pressed powders.

Seri Candy Cheek adalah dua produk yang aku paling pengen cobain. Kaya liat dong pan-nya, warnanya cantik banget kaya pelangi, nggak kaya blush atau highlighter yang lain.

The pan size itself is quite big, if you compare it to regular blush size.

Ukuran pan-nya sendiri terbilang lumayan besar dibandingin ukuran blush lain.

Etude House Wonder Fun Park Candy Cheek Brush 
Price: S$ 22.90
Weight: 50g
Video Mark: 07:35

A UNICORN BRUSH. It is so colorful and to die for. Although yes, it is just another brush but when your brush is this beautiful you couldn't help feeling good whenever you apply your makeup, right?

BRUSH UNICORN. Ini brushnya lucuuuuu banget! Emang sih, ini cuma brush biasa tapi kalau brushnya selucu ini kayanya kalau mau pake makeup jadi seneng aja sih bawaannya.

Etude House Wonder Fun Park Lash Perm Curl-Fix Mascara (Pang Pang Purple) 
Price: S$ 20.90
Weight: 30g
Video Mark: 13:40

If the Candy Cheek are the ones that I'm super excited to try, the purple Curl Fix mascara is the one that I MUST get. I heard a lot of good things about the Etude House Curl Fix mascara, and when it comes in purple color, I couldn't help myself to vow on getting them on hand.

Kalau Candy Cheek adalah seri yang paling pengen aku cobain, kayanya mascara UNGU Curl Fix ini adalah yang jadi prioritas aku waktu aku beli koleksi ini. Curl Fix mascaranya Etude House udah lumayan terkenal bagus, jadi waktu aku tau ada yang warna ungu aku fix harus beli.

Etude House Wonder Fun Park Dear Darling Soda Tint (PK003) 
Price: S$ 9.90
Weight: 35g
Video mark: 16:23

I am a liptint whore. I always get so curious about a liptint. But anyway, I originally love the original Dear Darling Tint from Etude House, but oh my God you guys, this Soda version of Dear Darling Tint has GOLD GLITTER PIGMENTS in it. Yes, GOLD FREAKING PIGMENT. How can a home girl resist? Hahaha.

Aku obses sama liptint. Aku emang dari awal udah suka sama Dear Darling Tint-nya Etude House, tapi yaampun guys, versi Soda Tintnya ini ada PIGMENT WARNA GOLDNYA. Masa sih aku ga beli? Hahaha.

Soooo are you excited to see how I'll react to these products and my thought on it? I've made a first impression video on it where I give you swatches, first try outs, and my final thoughts about the collection!

Jadiiii penasaran nggak sama reaksi aku waktu aku cobain produk-produk ini? Aku sudah bikin video tentang koleksi ini!

Since the video is a long one, if there is any specific product you want to see, I already put the video mark on each product!

Karena videonya sendiri panjang, aku udah taruh batas-batas mana aja kalau ada produk spesifik yang mau kalian tonton!

I hope this post is helpful! Xx


After missing in action for almost 3 months, I finally upload another Youtube video! In this video, I talked about my absolute favorites from March!

Hope you'll like it! Xx.

5 Top Websites to Buy Beauty Products!

As a beauty enthusiast, I find it VERY difficult to suppress the urge to buy new make up. I mean, IMO, it is a very fast paced industry. A lot of new products from different brand came out in a blink of an eye.

Not to mention a lot of products have different innovation and uniqueness. Or sometimes, the packaging are just too cute to be missed!

Sebagai pecinta produk-produk kecantikan, aku tuh susah banget buat nahan diri untuk nggak beli makeup baru. Karena menurutku, dunia kecantikan itu bener-bener cepat banget perputarannya. 

Dikit-dikit keluar barang baru, ada brand baru, ada barang yang hits, yang aneh banget dan bikin orang penasaran coba, atau sebenernya packagingnya lucu banget aja sampe-sampe nggak mungkin nggak beli!

Sadly, although it is start to grow, Indonesia make up market is not as big as other countries. Let's not talk about U.S.A, even our closes neighborhood country like Singapore has bigger market than us.

As an example, when I lived in Singapore I'd walk and go to all Sephora branch just to find a best-selling item. Whereas in Indonesia... I don't know, the offline stores just does not excite me as much.

Sayangnya, di Indonesia sendiri tempat belanja untuk produk-produk kecantikan ini bisa dibilang relatif kecil. Ngga usah deh, jauh-jauh ngomongin Amerika, bahkan di negara tetangga kaya di Singapura aja marketnya lebih 'seru'. 

Dulu, waktu aku masih tinggal di Singapura, aku bisa loh rela-relain dari satu Sephora ke Sephora yang lain kalo emang lagi nyari barang. Sedangkan di Indonesia... gak tau ya, kaya kurang hype aja gitu untuk offline store gitu?

However, to keep myself updated with the beauty world, I tend to do online shopping instead. I must admit, it is very easy to purchase a product now. Yes, of course it has its own minus point like you couldn't really test the product before you bought it.

But, with the power of Youtube and Blogs, there are tons of review on the web to rely on (my channel, perhaps? tee hee) so I'm one of those people who are not scared to shop online.

Lain cerita kalau online shop ya. Kayanya serumah aku tau kalau aku sering banget belanja online. Antara nggak tahan gak belanja atau emang pengen terus update sama dunia kecantikan (yang jelas aku sih sangat passionate ya di bidang ini! :D). Tentu aja, ada minusnya juga kaya nggak bisa dicoba dulu, jadi kalau beli foundation suka takut salah beli warna, atau warna lipstick yang kok nggak cocok di kulit, dll. 

Tapi dengan kekuatan Youtube dan Blog, udah banyak banget review tentang produk-produk yang bisa dipercaya (contohnya channel Youtube aku a.k.a. shameless promotion lol) makanya aku bisa dibilang sangat berani buat belanja online.

One of the thing to be noted before purchasing online is the credibility of the seller, of course. You don't want to get scammed and lost your money, just because they are selling super cheap stuffs or rare items, or even get cheated by fake items.

Not only they cheated your money, but fake items especially beauty items like make up could be fatal for your health! Imagine buying a imitation products, ever wonder how many evil chemicals inside those?

Yang harus diinget nih kalau mau belanja online, tentunya online shopnya ini terpercaya atau nggak. Nggak mau kan, dibohongin terus duitnya ilang aja gitu. Emangnya nyari duit gampang. Jangan karena barangnya super murah atau ngejual barang yang susah didapet jadi main asal beli. Amit-amit kalau sampai beli barang palsu. 

Nggak cuma sellernya ngecurangin uang kamu, tapi menurut aku pribadi, barang palsu is a big no karena kamu nggak tau betapa banyaknya zat-zat jahat di barang itu loh. Bahkan, kandungannya bisa berbahaya buat kulit kamu, karena kamu kan nggak tau itu produksinya dari mana, kaya gimana.

I'd rather spending my money on the right websites that I trusted than buying items on cheap stuffs that are not authentic or lost my money to a scammer!

Aku sendiri lebih suka buang-buang duit (hahaha) ke website yang aku tau bisa aku percaya daripada beli barang yang harganya jatoh murah tapi belum tentu asli atau uangku bisa hilang entah kemana!

As, uhm, a professional-at-spending-my-money-on-makeup, here I present to you websites that I always buy from whenever I want to purchase beauty items!

Jadi, uhm, sebagai orang-yang-profesional-dalam-menghabiskan-uang-untuk-makeup, aku mau kasih tau nih, kalau aku belanja barang-barang kecantikan dimana aja!

1. Beauty Haul Indo (
*yes you can click the link!

This is my ULTIMATE go to website. Not only it sells the latest beauty items, but they have wide varieties too. You can even find Korean makeup here! I've been shopping on their website since the longest time and overall I am pleased with their service.

I never had a problem buying from the website as it is very user friendly, and their shipping is super fast! (They are Jakarta based shop and I lived in Jakarta area too. Usually normal online store would take 3-4 days for shipping whereas this shop only needs up to 2 days!).

Not the mention their packaging are super safe, as they'll wrap your items with bubble wraps (thick layers of it!). If bubble wraps are not enough for you, you can also opt for wooden package.

Ini website yang sering banget aku datengin! Nggak cuma barang-barangnya up to date, tapi lengkap juga loh! Bahkan bisa nemuin beberapa produk kecantikan Korea disini! Aku sesering itu belanja di website ini dan aku selalu puas sama servicenya mereka. 

Nggak pernah ada masalah, websitenya gampang untuk dipakai, dan ngirim barangnya super cepat! (Website ini domisili Jakarta, biasanya untuk kerumahku butuh sekitar 3-4 hari, tapi Beautyhaulindo selalu berhasil kirim hanya dalam waktu 2 hari aja). 

Ditambah, mereka kirim paketnya bener-bener rapi, loh! Barangnya dibungkus bubble wrap yang tebal jadi kemungkinan pecah minim banget. Kalau masih kurang yakin, bisa pilih untuk pakai pengiriman pakai kayu juga, tentunya ditambah ya biayanya.

They have wide selections of shades (if applicable) in each product. And in terms of price point, they are the best!

To add on, they also offer loyalty point for registered customers. If you managed to collect IDR 50.000, you can use that as a discount coupon!

Terus untuk setiap produk yang ada pilihan warnanya, pasti pilihannya banyak. Untuk masalah harga, menurutku harga dia yang terbaik! 

Oh ya, mereka juga ada loyalty point loh, kaya stempel bubble tea gitu hahaha, jadi kalau udah ngumpulin IDR 50.000, bisa ditukar kupon buat dibelanjain barang loh.

2. TWLCosmetics (

IF, let's say, an item I'm searching for is not available in Beautyhaulindo, or the shade I'm looking for is sold out, I'd go to TWLCosmetics.

Price-wise, I still think Beautyhaulindo is the winner. But that doesn't mean TWLCosmetics is not good! The quality of the packaging, the shipping time, as well as the variety of the products are around the same, is just that TWLCosmetics prices are slightly higher.

KALAU, barang yang aku cari nggak ada di Beautyhaulindo, aku pasti ke website ini. 

Harganya sih, TWLCosmetics agak sedikit lebih mahal. Tapi untuk kualitas, tentunya nggak kalah. Servicenya kurang lebih sama, kok!

But if you are looking for sample size items, they have their own sample-size section!

It's a great option if you want to try an item but don't want to commit to the full sized ones!

Tapi kalau kalian cari barang sample, TWLCosmetics juga jual loh! Nggak cuma sample sachet gitu, cuma mini size kaya misalnya bagian dari holiday collection yang kecil-kecil gitu mereka juga jual. 

Jadi oke banget nih kalau kalian pengen coba barang tapi belum pingin keluarin uang untuk bayar ukuran yang penuh!

They also sell defect items, as in product with minor problems like cracked packaging. It is definitely cheaper, but of course it is not a perfect product. If you don't mind with those minor injuries, this section definitely works for you.

For me, personally, I'd like to buy my items in perfect conditions, so I never buy anything from this section. Having that said, they definitely included a picture of the defect(s)!

Mereka juga jual barang yang cacat, kaya misalnya packagingnya pecah gitu. Harganya lebih murah, jelas, tapi ya namanya juga barang cacat. Kalau kalian nggak masalah sama produk cacat, bagian ini boleh di cek loh. 

Aku sendiri sih, suka kalau barang nyampe di aku dalam keadaan bagus, terus aku yang pakainya sampai bentuknya menyedihkan. Tentunya untuk produk-produk di bagian ini ada gambar letak cacatnya dimana kok!

Sometimes, they open an offline booth at certain bazaars too!

Kadang-kadang mereka juga buka booth di bazaar-bazaar dalam mall juga loh!

3. Stylekorean (

It might be a shocker but after I think about it, I rarely purchase Korean beauty products online! Most of the time I asked my friend who visited Korea for holiday or even Singapore because it is cheaper that way.

But at the moment my skin care items are from K-Beauty lines. So whenever I ran out, I have to buy another one and this website is my favorite!

Mungkin ini akan mengagetkan beberapa orang tapi setelah dipikir-pikir aku jarang banget loh beli produk kecantikan Korea online! Seringkali aku titip temenku yang ke Korea atau ke Singapura karena lebih murah kaya gitu. 

Cuma kan sekarang skincare aku K-Beauty semua, kalau sudah habis mau nggak mau harus beli, dong? Nah, website ini favorit aku kalau mau beli barang-barang kecantikan dari Korea!

Mind you they are NOT Indonesian website, for my Indonesian readers. They do ship to Indonesia, only I have to admit it is quite pricey.

However, they do offer free shipping if you reach $80 on your cart. So if you intend to shop from here, make sure you tag your friend along so you could save the shipping cost!

Btw, ini BUKAN website Indonesia ya, terutama untuk pembaca dari Indonesia. Mereka bisa kirim ke Indonesia, cuma ya emang harga pengirimannya lebih mahal. 

Mereka ada penawaran free shipping kalau kita belanja sampai $80, jadi kalau mau beli barang dari sini, lebih baik ajak temen-temen jadi bisa hemat di biaya pengiriman!

The thing that I like the most about this it has the widest variation of brands. Furthermore, I can almost find whatever I searched on this website.

From COSRX, Heimish, Missha, or any other korean beauty brands that are a slightly harder to find in local online stores.

Yang aku suka dari website ini sih, lengkap banget nget nget! Brandnya lengkap, barang di setiap brandnya lengkap, seneng deh kalau browsing disini soalnya pilihannya banyak banget! 

Mulai dari COSRX, Heimish, Missha, atau brand lain yang agak lebih susah ditemuin di online shop lokal.

Plus, they always have great sale offers!

Plus, mereka sering banget loh ada diskon!

4. Althea (

Now let's say I want K-Beauty products and I don't want to pay for expensive shipping price, Althea is always my go-to website.

Kalau mau beli barang-barang K-Beauty cuma aku lagi gak ada duit buat bayar shippingnya T_T, aku biasanya belanja di Althea, karena shippingnya lebih murah.

Especially when I want to purchase those super weird products like Monster Mask or the Hell Pore Mask! Althea has this section called 'Trendy Items' where they sell unique products like these.

Terutama kalau aku pengen belanja barang-barang yang aneh seperti Monster Mask atau Hell Pore Mask! Althea punya bagian 'Trendy Items' dimana mereka jual produk-produk unik.

They always ship in a box so your product will arrive safely to your house! Oh, did I mention that both Stylekorean and Althea will always give you samples upon your purchases? So fun, right?

Mereka kirimnya pakai box warna pink cantik gitu... jadi barangnya nyampe pasti selamat deh! Oh, aku udah bilang belum kalau belanja di Stylekorean dan Althea pasti dapet sample? Seru kan?

However, the problem with Althea website is that their website tend to be un-openable (is that even a word? lol). In my case, my browser will automatically block this website (internetpositif, anyone?).

To tackle this problem, simply download their app (it is free!) and you're good to go. Their app is user friendly and it is very easy to find a product that you want to see and/purchase!

Masalahnya, Althea ini websitenya suka keblokir. Kalau dari browser aku, suka masuk ke internetpositif. 

Jadi, aku akalin dengan download app-nya (gratis kok!). Appnya juga gampang dioperasikan, jadi nggak akan bingung kok!

5. Kawai Gankyu (

I think contact lenses can be considered as 'beauty items', in a sense. I used contact lenses with prescription, but I am never against if people want to buy some fun colors like violet or pink because if you can play around with your makeup, why don't you go all out.

Contact lens bisa dikategorikan sebagai produk kecantikan juga loh! Aku pakai contact lens yang ada minusnya, sih, tapi aku nggak pernah merasa kalau orang yang mau pakai contact lens warna untuk gaya doang itu salah. 

Kalau kalian boleh berekspresi dengan bebas dengan makeup, nggak ada salahnya untuk total ke penampilan kalian, sampai ke warna matanya.

HOWEVER, an important note (yes, I used capslock so you guys actually read this) is that PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ALWAYS BE CAREFUL WHEN BUYING CONTACT LENSES ONLINE. Make sure the website is trusted and there is no issue AT ALL with the seller.

DON'T, I MEAN IT, BUY CONTACT LENSES FROM SHADY SELLERS. You only got two eyeballs, please treat them with extra special care.

TAPI, penting untuk dicatat (iya, aku pakai capslock biar dibaca) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UNTUK SELALU HATI-HATI KALAU BELI CONTACT LENS ONLINE. Pastikan websitenya terpercaya, ada testimoninya, nggak pernah ada masalah apapun, dll. 


That is why I recommend a contact lens shop because I especially believe in the quality of the service that Kawai Gankyu gave.

Their contact lenses are all 100% authentic and they even give you guarantee. I bought mine here and my lenses are in excellent condition.

Makanya aku mau kasih rekomendasi tempat terpercaya untuk beli contact lens karena aku percaya sama Kawai Gankyu dan servicenya. 

Contact lens mereka 100% asli dengan garansi. Aku beli contact lens aku disini dan aku super puas dengan barangnya.

They have varieties of lenses, from doll-eyed one, natural one, and I believe they do sell more anime-looking ones.

Lensa yang mereka jual macem-macem loh, dari yang membesarkan mata, natural, dan kalau nggak salah yang lebih kaya tokoh anime gitu juga ada.

So if you're looking for a place to buy contact lenses, I highly suggest Kawai Gankyu!

Jadi kalau kalian cari tempat untuk belanja contact lens, aku rekomendasiin banget deh Kawai Gankyu ini!

Aaaaaand that is all guys for today's post! I hope it is useful for you!

Jadiiiii segitu aja rekomendasi aku hari ini! Aku harap post ini bermanfaat buat kalian yang lagi mau belanja yaaa!!!

With love,

FIRST IMPRESSION: Silicon Beauty Blender?!


I guess that is the appropriate word (is it even considered as word? Lol!) to begin this post.

Kayanya itu kata-kata yang pas buat mengawali post ini, hahaha!

I saw this product on Instagram and my jaw literally dropped.

Aku lihat barang ini di Instagram waktu lagi lihat-lihat explore dan jujur aku SHOCK banget lihatnya!

I know by now you all, especially if you're into beauty related stuffs, are familiar with Beauty Blender, whether it is the authentic one or the dupes (e.g. from Real Techniques, Masami Shouko, etc.). It is one of the most phenomenal, life changing product that I even use and own. It literally gave you one of the best, airbrush finish. It is quick, and easy, even people with minimal experience with makeup could use beauty blender and still have a flawless base makeup.

Aku tau kalian, apalagi yang suka banget di dunia beauty, pasti udah familiar sama Beauty Blender, mau yang asli atau yang dupes-nya (kaya Real Techniques, Masami Shouko, etc.). Menurut aku sendiri, produk ini tuh benar-benar merubah cara aku mengaplikasiin makeup. Aku sendiri suka banget karena hasil dari pemakaian Beauty Blender ini bagus dan airbrush, natural banget. Pakainya cepat, gampang, dan kalau aku bilang bahkan untuk orang-orang yang baru belajar makeup pasti bisa pakai Beauty Blender dan hasilnya pasti bagus.

Now as there are many variations on dupe, I am most interested with this form.

Walaupun sekarang udah ada banyak variasi dari dupes Beauty Blender, aku paling tertarik dan penasaran sama yang satu ini.

It is made from silicon. Yes, you heard me right. Not from sponge, from silicon.

Ini terbuat dari silikon. Iya, nggak salah kok. Bukan dari sponge, tapi dari silikon.

So the brand that made this is Molly Cosmetics. This brand is based in Hong Kong. Personally I haven't heard much from this brand as they are not as popular as other indie brands like Lime Crime. But when I saw the website they actually have quite a range of product, from lip product to glitters. But their most popular product is definitely the Silicon Beauty Blender, or they call them Silisponge.

Jadi brand yang bikin ini namanya Molly Cosmetics. Brand ini berasal dari Hong Kong. Aku sendiri sih, belum pernah mendengar banyak dari brand ini karena menurutku kalah hype dibanding brand indie lain kaya Lime Crime. Tapi waktu aku lihat website mereka, ternyata mereka produknya lumayan banyak loh! Dari lipstick ke glitter ada. Cuma yang paling populer ya jelas si Beauty Blender Silikon ini, atau mereka namain produk ini Silisponge.

They actually already having their 7th restock and/or pre-order by the time I write this post. So those Silisponge are really on the demand!

Mereka sendiri ternyata udah restock 7 kali loh waktu aku tulis post ini! Jadi yang pasti Silisponge ini lagi dicari-cari banget!

So this Silisponge will cost you $9.00 (IDR 131.823,62). It is actually not that expensive, but at the same time not that cheap as well. But what's better is that it comes in FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Yes, I'm not joking. They cater free international shipping, but with this method you're not able to track your order(s). Unless you do want to be safe, you can top up to trackable shipping with just additional $5 (for Indonesian customers). It will take around 2 weeks (excluding weekends) to arrived. I ordered mine on 30th November and it arrived at 8th December.

Silisponge ini harganya $9.00 (IDR 131.823,62). Sebenernya nggak mahal-mahal banget sih, tapi juga nggak super murah juga. Cuma yang bikin aku cepet-cepet beli karena mereka ngasih GRATIS ONGKIR INTERNATIONALLY. Iya, aku nggak bercanda. Sayangnya, kalau kalian pilih yang ongkir gratis ini kalian nggak bisa cek kiriman kalian udah sampe dimana. Kalian tapi bisa kok, pilih yang bayar kalau kalian nggak mau ambil resiko dan bisa track kiriman kalian. Nambahnya sekitar $5 ke Indonesia. Nyampenya kira-kira 2 minggu (nggak termasuk hari libur). Aku pesan punyaku tanggal 30 November dan nyame tanggal 8 Desember. (Langsung bikin post).

So this is how it looks like:

Jadi bentuknya kaya gini:

I kinda appreciate the shipping packaging. Bubble enveloped, but better with GOLD.

Aku suka banget sih sama packaging kiriman mereka. Amplop yang ada bubble pack-nya, tapi lebih bagus karena warnanya GOLD.

They come in resealable plastic. Very handy especially if you want to travel with this!

Dibungkusnya pakai plastik yang bisa ditutup lagi. Ini praktis banget apalagi kalau kalian mau bawa ini kemana-mana!



Comparing it to the original Beauty Blender: *Sorry for the dirty Beauty Blender! Haha!

Perbandingan sama Beauty Blender: *Maaf ya Beauty Blendernya kotor! Haha!

Now if you want to see me actually using this, I made a first impression video on it! Go go watch and see my thoughts on it!

Nah kalau kalian mau lihat aku pakai ini, kalian bisa lihat videoku nyobain ini! Aku rasa akan lebih keliatan kalau kalian nonton video dibanding foto. Yuk nonton kalau kalian mau lihat pendapatku tentang produk ini!

I hope you'll like this post!


Review: LIZLY What A Lovely Palette

I'm an eyeshadow wearer. No doubt. While most of my friends that I hang out with only wear face makeup (foundation and concealer) with blush, eyeliner, brow, and mascara, I go full on mask-makeup. I don't mind it anyway, since I'm just showcasing how much I love doing my makeup and how it makes me confident.

Aku adalah pemakai eye shadow. Kalau teman-teman aku cuma pakai make up yang minimalis kalau lagi pergi, cuma pake concealer, blush, eyeliner, alis, dan mascara, aku pasti pakai makeup yang full-on-glam haha. Nggak apa-apa sih, karena aku cuma menunjukan kesukaan aku sama makeup dan gimana makeup membuat aku lebih pede. 

That is why I am always interested with eyeshadow because it is literally the only thing that would look normal no matter what color you put. It is the place where you are free to express your creativity.

Makanya, aku suka banget sebenarnya sama produk eyeshadow karena ini salah satu produk yang membebaskan kreatifitas aku. Mau pakai warna apa aja, pasti nggak akan kelihatan aneh. Coba deh, kalau orang pakai eyeshadow warna biru, pasti nggak akan seaneh orang pakai contour warna biru atau lipstick warna biru.

I super love my palettes. I don't like to buy single shadows (although I do buy them occasionally) because it took up space. While in palettes they are already packaged beautifully and you can keep them in place neatly. Having that said, as an eyeshadow wearer and palettes lover, sometimes it is a challenge to pack them with me when I travel.

Aku suka banget (bahkan sayang kayaknya) sama palette aku. Aku jujur kurang suka beli eyeshadow yang satuan, walaupun kadang-kadang ya beli juga. Aku nggak suka karena makan tempat. Dibandingin palette yang udah di pack rapi, bisa disimpan lebih cantik, eyeshadow yang satuan kalau nyimpennya lebih ribet. Masalahnya, kalau mau pergi, rada ribet bawa palette kemana-mana, apalagi palette yang rada besar.

As the result, once in a while I do buy smaller size palettes (in quads, or just 6 shadows). For today's blogpost, I would like to review this palette from Lizly, a Korean brand.

Karenanya, sekali-kali aku beli pallete yang ukurannya lebih kecil (yang isinya 4 atau 6). Untuk post hari ini, aku mau review palette dari Lizly, brand dari Korea.

To be honest, I haven't really heard much from the brand. It's not as popular as Etude House, Innisfree, or The Saem. Those three brands are my top Korean brands in term of makeup. But, I was online shopping on Althea Singapore website and I stumbled across this palette that was on sale. The color looked so pretty thus the reason why I bought it.

Sejujurnya, aku nggak familiar sama brand ini. Brand ini nggak sepopuler Etude House, Innisfree, atau The Saem. Tiga brand itu kaya brand favorit aku untuk produk-produk makeup. Tapi waktu aku lagi online shopping di Althea Singapore, aku pas ngeliat iklan palette ini lagi diskon. Warnanya cantik-cantik banget, nggak pake mikir langsung aku beli hahaha.

This palette comes in 6 shades. 4 of them are suitable for base shadows while the 2 are suitable for point makeup. Those are the explanations from Athea's website. But in my opinion, you do you so you can really play around with these. It comes in 4 more foil-like shadows and 2 shimmer shadows.

Palette ini isinya ada 6 warna. 4 warnanya cocok untuk warna dasar dan 2 lagi untuk bikin definisi. Ini deskripsi dari website Althea-nya. Walaupun kalau aku sendiri sih selalu bilang, jangan me-limit diri kalian dengan ini. Kalian sih bebas aja mau pakai ini sebagai apa aja. 4 warna disini lebih ke arah metalik, kalau 2 lagi lebih ke arah shimmer yang lebih redup.

The other reason why I bought this is because I personally love Korean-style makeup. I think if you are looking for a bit of change in your daily style, K-Beauty is definitely a style to watch because most of their makeup style are very lovely-girly tone and I must say I would never imagine myself to fall under those categories. This palette is very Korean-makeup tone (if that makes any sense). The color is oh-so-very-lovely, hence the name!

Salah satu alasan lain kenapa aku beli ini karena aku sendiri suka sama gaya makeup Korea. Apalagi kalau kalian lagi ingin tampil beda, K-Beauty salah satu rekomendasi aku. Aku sendiri sama sekali nggak punya karakter cute dan gayaku sendiri nggak terlalu feminim. Aku nggak akan pernah ngebayangin kalau aku ada dibawah kategori itu. Palette ini sendiri diisi oleh warna-warna yang menurut aku sangat gaya Korea. Warnanya tuh lovely banget, makanya nama palette-nya sendiri terinspirasi oleh itu!

Let's talk about the packaging first.

Yuk kita bahas packaging-nya dulu.

The palette itself come in a small palm-sized compact. It is made of plastic. However it doesn't feel ultra light so it actually adds the value of the palette, in my opinion. The compact top part is made of clear plastic, so you can see all the shades. The bottom plastic part is covered in beautiful gold color in which I think is very pretty. All of the six shades are nicely arranged. When I bought this it didn't come in a box. It doesn't have any mirror or any sort of brush. Personally I don't feel like I'm losing anything because anyway I like to use my own mirror any my own brushes.

Palettenya sendiri kurang lebih seukuran telapak tangan. Packagingnya terbuat dari plastik. Tapi nggak kerasa ringan, jadi nggak kerasa kaya murahan. Bagian atas atau tutupnya warnanya bening, jadi warna shadownya kelihatan. Bagian bawahnya juga terbuat dari plastik, tapi warnanya gold yang menurut aku sendiri cantik dan elegan. Keenam warnanya ditata dengan rapi. Waktu aku beli, ini nggak ada boxnya. Terus yaudah, isinya begini aja, nggak ada kaca atau brushnya. Aku sendiri sih nggak keberatan karena aku sukanya pakai kaca dan brush aku sendiri.

So let's jump to the swatches!*

Yuk sekarang kita swatch warna-warnanya!

1. Lovely Girl
(Rose gold color that has the glow of a lovely girl // Base makeup and skin below eyes)**

This is the first color I swatched and oh my I was so shocked on how pigmented this color is! I only put little pressure when I swatch it with my finger and look how pigmented it is!

Ini warna pertama yang aku swatch dan aku jujur kaget banget sama pigmentasinya! Aku cuma pakai tekanan yang ringan pakai jari aku dan liat ini bener-bener pigmented banget!

With only one swipe, you can really see how the color pops up. I was surprised because I didn't expect anything from this palette. It does give a slight fall-out, but nothing to major because you can easily swipe the colors off with a brush.

Cuma pakai satu swipe, kalian bisa liat warnanya ini nyala banget. Aku kaget karena aku nggak berharap apa-apa dari palette ini (karena harganya nggak terlalu mahal juga). Sedikit ada fall out-nya sih, tapi nggak terlalu banyak sampai mengganggu gitu dan bisa dibersihin dengan gampang pakai brush.

Personally I think this is a great color for the base if you are going for more neautral-lovely look!

Menurut aku sendiri, ini warna yang cocok banget buat jadi base di kelopak mata kalau kalian mau bikin tampilan yang natural tapi tetap lovely.

This color is best applied with fingertips, because by then the color would pops even more. However, if you do want to use brush, I suggest to wet your brush first (I do recommend using Mac Fix+)

Warna ini paling bagus kalau diaplikasiin dengan jari, karena warnanya akan lebih menyala. Kalau kalian mau pakai brush, aku saranin brushnya buat dibasahin dulu (aku rekomendasiin pakai Mac Fix+)

2. Lovely Love
(Palpitating gold pink color of unrequited love // Base color)

Since the Lovely Girl shade is super pigmented, it gave me a bit of expectations on the other shades. When I saw this shade, I was thinking of creating the super cute girly makeup. It is more towards shimmery side, rather than foil shade.

Karena warna Lovely Girl sangat pigmented, aku jadi sedikit berharap sama warna-warna yang lain. Waktu aku lihat warna ini, aku kepikiran untuk membuat makeup yang girly banget. Warnanya sendiri lebih ke arah shimmer dibanding foil-metalik.

But when I swatched it, it wasn't as pigmented as the previous color. I put the same pressure and still using my finger, but it is definitely less pigmented comparing to Lovely Girl shade.

Cuma waktu aku swatch. warnanya nggak se-pigmented warna sebelumnya. Aku pakai tekanan yang sama dan tetap memakai jari, tapi warnanya jelas lebih sheer dibanding Lovely Girl.

To be honest, I was disappointed with this color. It wasn't as rich, and I was using my fingers! Imagine how fade the color would be with a brush!

Jujur aja, aku kecewa sama warna ini. Warna di pan-nya cantik padahal, tapi sayangnya nggak se-pigmented itu, padahal aku udah pakai jari loh! Bayangin aja ini pasti makin nggak kelihatan warnanya kalau aku pakai brush.

3. Lovely Heart
(Deep burgundy color for someone who fall in love // Point makeup)

I definitely gravitates toward this color the most when I saw this palette. I am in my holiday mood, so when it hits this time of the year, I'm that girl who'd be super excited with all of those plum, dark color.

Aku jelas paling tertarik sama warna ini waktu aku lihat palette ini. Aku emang lagi mood liburan jadi kalau di bulan-bulan ini, aku paling suka warna-warna gelap yang ke arah plum kaya gini.

I expected a lot from this color! Thankfully, it does not disappoint unlike the Lovely Love color. It is rich, slighly less foil-like. But I still love it!

Aku berharap banyak dari warna ini! Untungnya, warna ini nggak mengecewakan seperti warna Lovely Love. Ini warnanya nyala, nggak terlalu metalik tapi aku tetap suka!

Even after I swatch it on my hand with only one swipe (please refer to the photo after the swatches review) and the color still as pigmented as ever. Totally gonna love it!

Bahkan setelah aku swatch ini di tangan aku, warnanya tetap pigmented. Yang jelas, aku pasti akan suka pakai warna ini!

4. Lovely Day
(Shady brown color that will make your day // Base and shade makeup)

When I saw this color, I imagined myslef to use it to make my eyes look longer, so I'd definitely would use it as a shading shade. But, after I swatch the Lovely Love color, this color seems to look the same on the pan as that color. So I was expecting a not-so-pigmented color.

Warna ini dipikiranku bakal pas banget buat bikin mata aku terlihat lebih panjang, yang jelas aku akan bikin warna ini buat mendefinisikan mata aku. Tapi setelah aku swatch warna Lovely Love, warna ini di pan rada mirip sama warna tersebut. Jadi aku sih udah bayangin warna ini bakal nggak se-pigmented itu.

I was right. The color is not as pigmented, so it was quite a disappointment. The worst is when I swipe it on my hand. The color is so fade that you could barely see it!

Benar aja, warna ini nggak pigmented, dan jujur mengecewakan. Lebih buruknya lagi waktu aku swatch ini di tangan aku. Warnanya nyaris nggak keliatan!

5. Lovely Sunset
(Orange brown color like a sunset // Base and point makeup)

I wasn't really paying attention to this color because I definitely paying more attention on the pink shades. This, as the name suggest, is more on orange family. It is more gold-like color.

Aku nggak terlalu perhatiin warna ini sih, karena aku lebih perhatiin warna yang lebih pinkish. Seperti namanya, warna ini lebih ke arah keluarga orange. Kaya gold tapi ke-orange-an.

However, because I was not expecting anything, I was super shocked when I swatch this color and see how pigmented this is! It is the most rich gold shadow that I probably have, and to be honest I love it so so much! This is probably my favorite color out of the bunch!

Tapi karena aku nggak berharap apa-apa, waktu aku swatch dan warnanya pigmented banget, aku sampe kaget banget loh! Ini kayanya salah satu eyeshadow gold yang warnanya paling nyala, dan aku aja nggak nyangka kalau aku bakal suka banget sama warna yang satu ini, bahkan kayanya ini warna favorit aku, deh!

6. Lovely Night
(Dark brown color that carries a warm night sky // Point makeup)

This shade is definitely the dark color that you'd use on the outer v. The pigmentation was okay, but nothing that's too overboard and it's not chalky at all. Definitely can make definition with this shade!

Ini warna gelap tipikal yang bakal sering dipakai di bagian outer v. Pigmentasinya ok kok, tapi nggak terlalu berlebihan. Ini juga halus banget teksturnya. Cocok banget untuk mendefinisikan mata!

I am generally pleased with this shade, but because it is that boring shade, it does not excite me, but I wasn't disappointed by any mean.

Aku suka sih sama warna ini, tapi karena shade-nya sendiri kaya lumayan sering aku temuin di palette lain, aku kaya biasa aja sama warna ini, walaupun aku nggak kecewa juga sama warna ini.

Here's the full swatch comparison!

Ini swatch penuhnya!

Of course, I gotta make a look using solely this palette. This is the look that I came out:

Pastinya, aku harus bikin makeup look pakai palette ini. Ini look yang aku bikin:

And of course, a selfie.

Selfie, wajib nggak sih?

Overall, I think it is a great palette. The colors are easy to blend. Although there are some colors that are less pigmented. It is very wearable and if you are looking for a palette with loads of lovely shades, this would be the one!

Secara keseluruhan, aku rasa ini palette yang bagus. Warnanya gampang buat dibaurkan. Terus tekturnya halus, nggak chalky. Walaupun ada sih, warna yang nggak terlalu pigmented, cuma untuk harganya, dan kalau kalian emang mencari palette untuk look yang lebih girly, yang gampang dibawa kemana-mana, ini cocok banget untuk kalian!

Furthermore, you can control on how much you want the colors to pop up. If you want to more sheer-kind of look like the one that I created, simply use a less dense brush and voila! If you want more pigments, use a denser brush or just use your finger tips and the color would pops!

Terus kalian bisa mengkontrol mau seberapa nyala warna shadownya di kelopak kalian. Kalau mau warna yang lebih halus, tipis-tipis, bisa pakai brush yang nggak terlalu padat, kalau mau warnanya lebih nyala, pakai brush yang lebih padat atau pakai jari aja.

Would I recommend this? Yes, if you could get this on hand. But if you're not, there are loads of options out there that would do the same thing. This palette would be very easy to travel with, but if you're okay with bigger, better palette, this would have lesser value, of course! I'd rate this 6.5 out of 10!

Aku bakal rekomen ini nggak? Iya, kalau kalian bisa mendapatkan ini (apalagi kalau lagi diskon). Kalau nggak, banyak kok sebenernya palette yang kurang lebih sama. Palette ini jelas lebih gampang dibawa kemana-mana. Tapi kalau kalian nggak masalah sama palette yang lebih besar, ini jadi lumayan nggak penting-penting amat gitu. Aku bakal rate ini 6.5 dari 10!

Hope you like this review! X.

Semoga kalian suka reviewnya ya! X.

*Swatches are using fingers (no brush involved, even on the eyelids)
**These explanations are based from the website