Now... My getting-my-brows-on-point has been a journey. I've been trying quite amount of products. To be honest, I've been so in love with my Etude House Eyebrow Pencil. I think it's the most convenient product ever. It is super easy to use and it is super affordable!

Nah... Perjalananku untuk mendapatkan alis yang hits itu benar-benar sebuah... perjuangan kayaknya. Aku udah coba banyak banget produk semenjak aku mulai memakai makeup. Jujur aja, aku suka banget pakai Etude House Eyebrow Pencil. Menurutku, produk tersebut gampang banget buat dipakai dan hasilnya bagus banget, ditambah produknya sendiri sangat terjangkau.

But as more products start to emerge in the market (name it: brow pomades, brow powders, etc), it has been getting into my attention. So once I saw this somewhat unique product I was like YES PLEASE SIGN ME UP!

Tapi kan sekarang banyak banget produk keluar di pasaran (contohnya kaya pomade, powder, dll), aku mulai tertarik untuk coba produk-produk baru. Nah, begitu aku lihat produk ini, aku bener-bener tertarik banget buat nyobainnya!

So here is my full review on the products!

I hope you guys enjoy it!


August Favorites 2016!

Hi everyone!

August legit is the fastest month! Suddenly it is September and I made a video of my May favorites but not my June neither July favorites so I had quite a handful of stuffs that made it to my favorites list this month!

Agustus benar-benar bulan yang cepeeet banget! Tiba-tiba udah September aja, dan itu artinya untuk monthly favorites aku! Terakhir aku bikin favorites ini adalah di bulan Mei, tapi aku skip bulan Juni dan bulan Juli. Hasilnya, aku jadi punya beberapa barang yang bisa aku masukin ke list favorites aku!

Here is the list of items and links on where to get them:
Ini list barang-barangnya dan link untuk belinya dimana:

1. Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation (05 Warm Beige) /

2. The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer (1.5 Natural Beige & 02 Light Beige)

3. Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

4. Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes Washable Mascara (Blackest Black) /

5. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

6. Too Cool For School Art Class by Rodin /

7. Tony Moly Timeless Ferment Snail Lip Treatment

8. L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil

9. Stradivarius Bomber Jacket

10. Song Favorite: Ribbon - Beast

*links are clickable

If you want to see my reviews on each individual products and why I like them so much, do watch my video below or you can visit my YouTube channel as well!

Kalau kalian mau lihat review aku dan alasan aku kenapa aku suka barang-barang diatas, tonton video dibawah atau kalian juga bisa tonton di channel YouTube aku!

I hope you guys liked it!


I'll craft you a disaster,

FIRST IMPRESSION: Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-In-1 Foundation

It's been a loooong time since I posted anything on my blog, isn't it?

Udah lama banget nggak sih aku posting di blog ini?

I've been pretty busy with my graduation and post-graduation and moving from Singapore back to Jakarta so I haven't really got time to do any blog post since I am still settling down with everything.

Aku lagi sibuk banget karena aku lulus tahun ini dan aku lagi pindahan juga balik ke Jakarta, jadinya aku jujur belum ada waktu untuk posting lagi.

But! Having that said I am trying my best to be active on my YouTube channel! So if you are not a part of my circle of friend, please do subscribe to get a notification every time I post a new video! :-)

Tapi aku tetep usahain untuk aktif di YouTube channel aku! Jadi kalau kalian belum subscribe ke channel aku, subscribe yuk biar dapat notification kalau aku post video baru!

Back to the good part, I am going to share with you guys about my review on the current most popular drugstore foundation (I assume, lol!), Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation!

Balik lagi ke post ini sendiri, hari ini aku mau review tentang foundation yang menurut aku lagi hits banget, Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation!

So basically this product contains 30ml of foundation. The packaging itself is slim in shape, so it is very convenient to add in your makeup collection since it won't take that much space. Although it is true that it doesn't have pretty design on the bottle so it won't prettify your vanity. To add on, since it is glass bottle, it might not be the best option for travelling purposes. It comes in a pump which is always a plus!

Produk ini isinya 30ml, jadi sebenernya ukuran standard. Botolnya sendiri nggak gendut, jadi nggak makan banyak tempat, walaupun desain botolnya juga nggak cantik-cantik banget jadi kalau ditaruh di vanity ya biasa aja gitu. Oh ya, botolnya sendiri terbuat dari kaca jadi kalau mau dibawa pergi-pergi harus hati-hati biar nggak pecah! Foundation ini ada pump-nya yang jelas favorit aku!

I am using the color 05 warm beige because I have yellow undertone and actually it fits my color quite well! (For reference, I am using Moonshot 301 and I always go for number 23 on korean cushion foundation, which is always slightly lighter)

Aku pilih warna 05 warm beige. Aku belinya online jadi sebenernya lumayan takut kalau warnanya bakal nggak cocok sama kulit aku! Tapi untungnya karena kulit aku yellow undertone, foundation ini warnanya bener-bener pas sama kulit aku! (Untuk referensi, aku pakai Moonshot 301 dan aku selalu pakai warna nomor 23 untuk cushion korea, dan biasanya cushion koreanya sedikit lebih putih dari kulit aku)

For the full review on full day usage and my thoughts throughout the day, I uploaded a video about it on my YouTube channel in which I will embed down below for your convenience!

Buat full reviewnya tentang pendapat aku setelah aku pakai seharian, aku bikin video di YouTube channel aku! Aku bakal taruh videonya dibawah jadi lebih gampang buat kalian!

I hope you guys enjoy my review! Xx

Aku harap kalian suka ya review aku! Xx


Brightens your face in 30 seconds?!

Hi everyone!

Today I want to share with you guys my thoughts on this product that claims to be able to brightens your face in just 30 seconds! This product is from Naturecia. With the Japanese advance high technology, Naturecia made a product to make your skin brighter and smoother, just like baby skin!

Hari ini aku mau sharing sama kalian tentang review aku tentang produk dari Naturecia yang katanya bisa mencerahkan kulit hanya dalam waktu 30 detik saja! Dengan teknologi dari Jepang, Naturecia ngeluarin produk yang bisa membuat kulit lebih cerah dan halus, seperti kulit bayi!

Curious? Watch the video below for my full review!

Penasaran? Yuk cek video aku buat full reviewnya!

*P.s: This video is a part of my participation on Beautynesia Bloggers Competition with Naturecia. If you guys find this video helpful, please do share it with your friends!

*P.s.: Video ini adalah bentuk partisipasi aku di Beautynesia Bloggers Competition with Naturecia. Kalau kalian merasa video ini membantu kalian, aku minta tolong untuk share ini ke teman-teman kalian ya! :)


March Favorites 2016!

I really enjoy watching (and now making) these type of video. It is great as a reference to buy or not to buy certain products, and to see different people's opinion about a product! Since it is come monthly, it felt like you are subscribing monthly for a review!

Here are some of the things that I've been really enjoy using during March! Hope you guys liked it and what are your favorite things this month? Comment down below and I'd love to see your version!

Much love,


1. Etude House Look at My Eyes - Cafe (Caramel Latte)

2. Innisfree Mineral Single Shadow - Matte (08 Sweeter Than Chocolate)

3. Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed (Champagne Pop)

4. Bioderma Atoderm Lèvres Lip Balm

5. NYX Butter Gloss (Creme Brule)

6. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (San Paolo & Stockholm)

7. Kylie Lipkit by Kylie Jenner (Dolce K)

8. Etude House Portable Remover Bottle

9. This month favorite people: Edward Avila

10. Song Favorite: All I Wanna Do - Jaypark

11. Song Favorite: I'm Sorry - BEAST

First Impression: Kylie Lipkit | Worth the Hype?

I didn't know whether you've been living in a rock or what but if you are into makeup and beauty, you will definitely know Kylie Lipkit. This liquid lipstick is created by the oh-so-famous Kylie Jenner. What is so special about it? Every time it restocks the liquid lipsticks, it would sold out COMPLETELY in just 15 minutes.

Kalau kalian ngaku kalian suka sama make up, kalian pasti tau dong soal Kylie Lipkit. Liquid lipstick ini dibuat oleh salah satu member Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner. Sumpah ya, saking terkenalnya lipkit ini, setiap kali mereka restock, pasti akan habis dalam waktu 15 menit aja!

I was so so curious about it and I've heard good things about it (although some people suggest to just buy other brand of liquid lipstick dupes). Fight for it, waited for it to arrive and finally get my hands on it! I bought mine in Dolce K, which is one of their most popular color!

Penasaran dong, aku nyobain berkali-kali buat dapetin si lipkit ini. Sering banget kehabisan, tapi setelah beberapa kali nyoba, akhirnya aku berhasil dapetin productnya dan akhirnya seminggu yang lalu paketnya nyampe kerumah! Aku beli yang Dolce K, salah satu warna yang paling banyak orang beli.

You paid for the 'normal' price of liquid lipstick (USD $29). But of course you gotta count for the shipping. So for me personally if you wanted to buy this liquid lipstick, I recommend to buy it with your friends to save shipping cost. In all honesty, I don't feel that it is THAT expensive, as you get a lip liner as well as a liquid lipstick.

Harganya sebenernya lumayan normal buat liquid lipstick (USD $29). Apalagi kalau kita hitung sama shipping costnya. Ditambah ini lip KIT loh, jadi untuk harga segitu kita dapetin lipliner sama liquid lipsticknya. Tapi ya aku sih kalau boleh ngasih saran, mendingan joinan bareng temen kalau mau beli, soalnya lumayan kan bisa hemat di shipping costnya.

First of all, it swatches BEAUTIFULLY. The lipliner is so creamy and glides very easily. The pigmentation is superb and it doesn't smudge! For the main event which is the liquid lipstick, it is a full on matte liquid lipstick. It smells so nice like vanilla beans, and it is not as liquidy as the lime crime liquid lipstick so you'll have more control on the application. However, my lip has been super dry and when I test it out it clings on my fine lines. It does not bother me that much, since overall it is a super good product. It does not flake and felt super comfortable to wear!

Yuk mulai reviewnya! Pertama-tama, waktu aku swatch di tangan warnanya BAGUS BANGET!! Aku kan nyobain pertama-tama si lip linernya, dan itu creamy banget dan smooth banget waktu di aplikasiin. Pigmentasinya juara dan sama sekali nggak smudge. Untuk liquid lipsticknya sendiri, ini definisi matte liquid lipstick sih. Kalau kita ngomongin mulai dari pros-nya dulu, wanginya jujur enak banget kaya wangi vanilla. Terus aku sih suka banget karena dia nggak secair lime crime jadi lebih gampang buat di aplikasiin. Teksturnya lebih ke mousse gitu. Karena ini sangat matte, dan waktu aku nyoba bibirku sebenernya lagi kering banget, jadinya rada ngebikin garis-garis halus di bibir keliatan gitu, Tapi kalau sebelumnya kalian pakai lipbalm, harusnya nggak kenapa-napa. Aku sih suka banget karena ini bener-bener bagus warnanya. Yang paling penting, walaupun bibirku lagi kering banget ini sangat nyaman buat dipakai dan sama sekali nggak flaking!

For more full review where I used this ultra-hyped products throughout the day, do watch my video below! If you haven't subscribe, I upload a video weekly, so please please join my circle of friends? :)

Nah buat full review sehariannya, aku bikin video kemarin di YouTube. Ditonton yah! Jangan lupa subscribe, karena aku upload video seminggu sekali! :)

I hope this post is helpful! Xx.

Aku harap ini membantu yah! Xx.

Trying out circle lens!

I use colored contact lenses from time to time. I personally liked it, since it gives you a different feeling and you could get ANY eye color in a flash without surgery.

Aku suka, bahkan sering banget pakai contact lens berwarna. Padahal, sebenernya minusnya nggak gede-gede banget sih. Cuma aku suka banget, soalnya bisa ngasih efek yang berbeda gitu untuk penampilan secara keseluruhan. Dan yang bikin aku makin suka, kita bisa bikin mata kita ke berbagai warna tanpa harus operasi!

But I am a bit averse to major color changes. I would go for more natural design, rather than those ultra-animated design. This time round, tho, I am trying a super bright colored lens from @eclairelens!

Walaupun sebenernya aku suka takut buat nyoba warna-warna yang terang banget, jadi biasanya aku selalu pilih warna yang natural, bukan yang kaya anime design gitu. Tapi kali ini, aku mau cobain circle lens yang designnya lumayan mencolok dari @eclairelens!

At first I thought there won't be any differences since the color of the lens in the bottle is so faded, but turned out I was wrong! It gives me the brightest color EVER hahaha. At first I thought I looked super weird and scary at the same time, but then I decided to use it throughout my day.

Awalnya aku kira gak akan ada perubahan yang drastis, secara di botolnya sendiri warnanya tuh redup banget. Ternyata pas aku coba taunya bener-bener bikin warna mataku terang banget! Jujur aja, aku sebenernya ngeliat diriku sendiri aneh banget plus serem banget karena gak biasa. Tapi akhirnya aku cobain aja pake ini seharian. 

Comparing it to Acuvue daily lens, it is less comfortable and sometimes it could feel a little bit dry. It is not something that is not comfortable tho, just a little blinks would help, but the Acuvue lenses are king in terms of comfort.

Kalau dibandingin sama Acuvue daily lens, ini gak se-nyaman itu sih. Aku gaktau apa yang bikin Acuvue daily lens lebih nyaman, mungkin karena dipakainya harian jadinya lebih tipis kali ya lapisannya, jadinya gak berasa kaya pakai apa-apa. Kalau yang ini, bisa ngerasain deh kalau ada sesuatu di mata. Bukannya gak nyaman sih, cuma si Acuvue ini emang juara deh kalau ngomongin soal kenyamanan.

To see the full review, go check my video down below! Oh, and I upload video once every week so make sure you subscribe to my channel!

Btw, aku bikin full review tentang circle lens ini di video YouTube aku yang terbaru, yuk di check, jangan lupa subscribe yah ke channel aku!

Overall, I think this is a great contact lenses. I mean, you could use it for up to 6 months, so it is great if you want to look fresh and different at some point. It is not expensive as well. The down side of it is that if you are using contact lens from day to night, it would feel less comfortable comparing to the dailies, but nothing so major.

Menurutku, contact lens ini bagus banget! Selain bisa dipakai untuk 6 bulan (lama banget kan!), ini juga nggak mahal. Jadi kalau kalian sebenernya nggak suka warna mata yang mentereng gitu, kalian bisa pakai ini sekali-sekali aja kalau kalian pengen penampilan yang berbeda, tanpa harus khawatir contact lensnya basi. Untuk downpointnya, emang nggak senyaman yang harian, kalau kalian pengguna contact lens yang pakai contact lens seharian, kayanya kurang nyaman dipakai selama itu, kecuali kalian bisa bawa tetes air mata yang khusus buat contact lens soalnya suka berasa kering di mata.

Would I repurchase it? It is comfortable and the design is natural although the color is not. But I won't buy another new pair for now, since I could use this one for 6 months and I am willing to buy other designs and colors.

Bakal aku beli lagi nggak? Ini nyaman dan walaupun warnanya terang, designnya masih kaya mata natural (bukan kaya tokoh anime; nggak ada yang salah sama design anime, cuma bukan seleraku aja). Tapi untuk sekarang sih, aku belum butuh beli contact lens baru secara aku bisa pakai ini buat 6 bulan daaaaan aku pengen cobain warna dan design lain, hehehe!

How to fix hard film on your powder makeup!

Hi everyone! It's been the longest time since I posted a proper blogpost. I'm into YouTube recently so I've been posting videos there instead. If you haven't know anything about my channel, I post a video, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle related, every week, I try my best to post it every Sunday. So if you haven't subscribe to my channel please do so and join my circle of friends and get a notification every time I post a new video! Here is my LINK.

Hai semuanya! Udah lamaa banget aku nggak bikin posting blog dimana aku bener-bener nulis. Belakangan ini aku lagi lebih sering bikin video di YouTube. Kalau kalian belum tau apa-apa tentang channel aku, aku bikin video setiap minggu, biasanya tentang beauty, fashion, dan lifestyle. Kalau kalian belum subscribe ke channel aku, yuk subscribe ke channel aku biar dapet notifikasi setiap aku upload video baru! Ini LINK untuk ke channel aku.

So today's blogpost is something that I recently found out. All because of my beloved shading powder from Etude House. I use this almost every single day because it suits my skin color and it gives your face a definition. You can use it for the most natural contour to the most sharp-instagram worthy contour.

Hari ini aku mau posting sesuatu yang aku sendiri baru tau. Awalnya gara-gara shading powder kesayanganku yang dari Etude House. Aku pake produk ini nyaris setiap hari, karena cocooook banget di kulit aku! Kalau pake ini, mukaku jadi lebih idup, dan warnanya tuh bisa kalian atur mau dari yang natural banget sampe yang contournya super tajem (yang kaya di posting instagram gitu...)

However, I noticed that recently it has been very hard for me to get products from it. At first, I thought it is because I almost used up the product. But then, I noticed that there is this weird film-looking stuff on top of the powder itself.  When I try to swatch that part with my finger, it is just hard for me to get any product, whereas I use this product all the time and I know that this never happened before.

Tapi akhir-akhir ini aku kok ngerasa kaya susah banget buat pake produk ini. Kaya warnanya jadi kurang keluar gitu. Awalnya aku kira mungkin produk ini udah basi, tapi ternyata pas aku liat-liat lagi, kok ada kaya lapisan tipis gitu ya diatas produknya. Pas aku coba swatch pake jari, ternyata aku jadi susah banget buat dapetin produknya, padahal aku tau banget biasanya nggak kaya gini.

Hard film on the surface!!

So I do my research (by all mean that equals to googling), and I found out that there are lots of people out there that experienced the same thing with me. Turned out the film itself was caused because of the oil and the cream products (e.g. moisturizer, foundation, concealer, etc.) that we used on our face were being transferred to the powder products via our makeup brushes. As the result, the oil starts to build up and create a thin layer of film that hardens the product.

Abis itu biasa, aku googling buat nyari tau kenapa produknya bisa kaya gini. Ternyata, banyak banget orang-orang yang ngalamin hal yang sama. Pas aku baca, hal ini terjadi karena minyak dari muka kita dan produk krim yang kita pake (pelembab, foundation, concealer, dll.) ke-transfer ke produk kita dari brush yang kita pake. Nahhh hasilnya minyaknya makin numpuk dan ngebentuk si hard film di permukaan powder produk ini.

Some people actually think that their products just gone bad and decided to throw away theirs. However, there are some certain tricks that could help you to save the product that you love! Especially when you know that you can make the most out of your product, it would be a waste to throw them away if you could save them!

Banyak yang mikir kayanya produk mereka udah basi juga, alhasil mereka jadinya ngebuang produk mereka. Padahal sayang banget loh, apalagi kalau tau gimana caranya buat menyelamatkan produk tersebut. 

So here is what I do to mine, all you need is the normal scotch tape as well as tweezers.

Nah, ini caraku buat menghilangkan hard filmnya. Dan hal yang kamu butuhkan cuma scotch tape (kayanya pakai selotip biasa juga bisa, cuma aku nggak pernah coba) dan pinset.

This is how I do it:

1. Take a bit of scotch tape. Then carefully and gently tape it to the film part of the product.

1. Ambil sedikit scotch tapenya. Kira-kira seukuran permukaan produk yang ada hard filmnya. Setelah itu pelan-pelan kalian tempel bagian lengketnya ke produk di bagian yang ada filmnya.

2. With the other end part of the tweezers, gently rub the scotch tape. DO NOT PRESS IT IN or you will damage the product.

2. Pakai bagian ujung pinset (bukan yang ada jepitannya. Oh ya, kayanya kalian juga bisa pakai kuku kok! Cuma menurutku kalau pakai pinset lebih efektif aja), pelan-pelan gosok scotch tapenya. JANGAN DI TEKAN! Kalau kalian tekan, nanti kalian malah ngerusak produknya.

3. Remove the tape and voila!
3. Lepas scotch tapenya dan voila!

Isn't it super easy? All you need to do is to repeat the process until you're finish and you'll save your product and you can continue to use the product!

Gampang banget kan? Sekarang tinggal ulangi prosesnya sampai kalian ngehilangin semua filmnya dan kalian bisa tetap pakai produk kalian deh!

I hope this is helpful for you guys!
Semoga postku hari ini membantu ya!