Me & My Hair(s) story.

Monday, December 09, 2013 Dinda Naya 6 Comments

HI GUISEEE! I'm now typing this post at my super comfy living room back in Jakarta! Couldn't be more excited! :)

But yes, the bad sides are traffic jams everywhere, super slow internet connection (in my opinion, since I've been living in Singapore for months and their internet speed is crazy fast). But I'm lucky that I'm blessed with quite wealthy family that could support me with my needs. Basically we have a maid here and I could just throw my laundry into the basket, I don't have to wash my dishes, she makes my bed every morning and so on... So I do feel relaxed right now.

Relaxation is basically what I need. So I  could just feel alive after those horrific times of projects hahaha.

But anyway, ever since I came home, all I wanted to do is pampering myself. Yes, I missed those relaxing treatments like spa, manicure and pedicure, even the simple blow-dry at salon. It is pretty expensive to have those treatments in Singapore.

Speaking of pampering, I am 'gifted' with loads of hair all over my body. I have lots of hair all over my legs and my hands, but the branches of the hairs are thin so you can't really see them unless you see them up close. So my legs and my hands are not a problem, but if you ask me about my underarms (in other word, armpit), my eyebrow, and my private part, there's a lot of thing going on down there hahaha.

When I was young, I tried the most simple way to get rid of those hair (because it is disgusting for me to see girls with loads of armpit hairs poppin' out of their shirt sleeve, so I don't want to be those girl) which is shaving. It is pretty effective and super fast to get rid of those hair, but the bad side is the hair grow very fast as well. And each time it grows, in my case, the hair is getting thicker and thicker so you can actually sees them even from far away. The skin on my underarms is getting rough too after I shave. So I basically dying to find other technique to discard those hair.

Then my sister introduced me to this company that use laser technique and claims that they will get rid of your hair forever and ever. So I tried once or twice with my sister, and it hurts SO BAD! They claim that it's not gonna torture you but it is for me! I'm not saying that they are a bad company, I think it's just not working on me. Because I shaved a lot before taking the treatments, my hair grew very thick, and I think the thicker your hair is, the more pain you will feel. The treatment actually helps to slowing down the hair's growth, but the hair still growing. You have to do constant treatments in order to permanently discard your hair, unfortunately it is pretty expensive to do individual treatment. For underarms, I spent around IDR 250.000 per treatment. And if I'm not wrong, I do my treatment back in 2008 or 2009, so I believe they already increase the price. The place is very far from my house too, so I couldn't do constant treatment.

I don't want to go back to my old razor method as it will make my hair thicker, then I found this hair removal cream that claims to have slower hair growth (comparing to razor) and leaves your skin to be smooth. It is true, however the hair grows every 4-5 days, while with razor the hair grow is in 2-3 days, so it is not very significant. Also, it is really easy to use, but oh my God you really have to spend your time waiting for the cream to work. The minimum waiting time is 3 minutes and the maximum is 6 minutes. Because my hair is pretty thick so I basically have to wait for 6 minutes on each underarm (I even have time to watch youtube videos). It doesn't really affect the thickness of your hair, it's just that my hair is already 'damaged' because of the shaving effect, so my hair will stay thick as ever haha.

When I reached 11th grade, I actually interested in sugar-wax. So I tried one treatment near my house and surprisingly it is cheap! So I'm quite happy with that. And the effect really satisfied me. Unfortunately the service girl is not really friendly and their service is really... moody. So you will have really inconsistent treatments.

But I really like the after effect of waxing, so I keep coming back although sometimes the service disappointed me. Then my friend introduced me to her waxing place called Lady Beauty Parlour at Pondok Indah. So I tried their service and I really satisfied! They are very friendly, they're like experts in waxing, and the place is really comfortable too. The bad thing about this place is it's really difficult to find this place because it really looked like a house from outside!

But if you're asking me for a good, inexpensive waxing place, I would definitely recommend this place. You can ask anyone to do waxing for you, because all of them are experts.

Go find them here:
Lady Beauty Parlour
Address: Jl. Pinang Perak III /PB.4, Pondok Indah.
Phone: 021 7506887
Mob: 0811142434

P.S: This post is really my opinions, not sponsored or anything :) And of course, if shaving, using hair removal cream, or using those laser-thingy suits you better, go for it because I personally think waxing suits me better and everyone could have different opinions, right?


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  2. wow.... such a drama, I am glad you survived....

    1. Haha thanks! But now you can find some sugar wax online hehe

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