Food Review: Fluff Bakery

Tuesday, May 05, 2015 Dinda Naya 0 Comments

Without any explanation needed, cupcake is generally a good food. I don't know which part of the world did you came from but I personally LOVE cupcakes (or cakes, or just sweets in general). There's a lot of cupcake store in Asia, not to mention Singapore. But let me introduce you one of my favorite store here, Fluff Bakery.

I first knew them because I followed NylonSG's instagram, and they tagged Fluff Bakery in one of their pictures. Well, as a cupcake lover I couldn't say no and I opened their profile. I was genuinely in shock when they repeatedly post pictures that state their cupcake were sold out. As the result, I was so curious to taste one.

I visited them on the next day, and unfortunately I missed the chance to taste the cupcakes because it was, no surprise, sold out. But it was a new thing for me to experience a cupcake store that runs out of cupcakes. I mean seriously, among all of those cupcake stores, how come they could sell out their cupcakes. Moreover, they opened their store around 12 p.m. and at that period of time they will completely sell their cupcakes at around 2-3 p.m.

I decided to dedicate one of my day to taste their cupcakes and it was one of the best cupcakes I've ever tasted. I never regret the moment I tried their cupcakes in my life!

I'll give you a review on my recent visit to their store! So right now they are expanding the amount of cupcake they sell, which mean there are more cupcakes available for more cupcake monsters and that makes me a happy camper!

The place is located near Bugis MRT. You need to walk quite a bit and I suggest that if you want to buy their cupcakes, it is better for you to spare a bit of time because you might need to queue (although now it is not as bad as before) and it would be much better if you could leave your cupcakes in air-con room or best inside a fridge. They are using buttercream frosting, and because Singapore weather is very warm and humid, it would melt the frosting if you keep them outdoor.

What makes Fluff Bakery more special is that they provides different flavors every week (aside from their top-notch Nutella Red Velvet and Salted Caramel). So you can try more flavors (in which all very yummy). Sometimes they also sell cake and cookies, which is also very delicious.

The staffs there are very friendly and I could feel the warm vibes that they gave. One down point is their store is pretty small and when you queue, you have to queue outside. But overall, the store decorations are very nice and lovely, and more importantly, the cupcakes are very good!

Okay, moving on to the cupcakes. Their cupcakes are special because the texture is extra fluffy (that is where the name came from, I guess) and I have no idea on how could they achieve such texture. The cake tastes flavorful, but not artificial. All of their cupcakes matches well with their frosting. Once you had your first bite, you will surprised with the extraordinary fillings inside individual cupcakes in which give you... mouth-orgasm? Oh, and did I mentioned that they sell halal cupcakes?

Each cupcakes are S$ 4.00. They currently didn't accept payment by credit card and only by cash and NETS. Also, they don't take reservations and orders at the moment (but cross your fingers so they could do it soon!)

If you are interested to pay a visit to their store (in which I highly recommended), their store is located at:

12 Jalan Pisang Singapore
Tuesday to Saturday
12.00 P.M. - all bakes sell out

Instagram: @fluffbakery