Food Review: Yoğart

Saturday, April 04, 2015 Dinda Naya 4 Comments

Who doesn't love yogurt? I personally LOVE yogurt and recently it is a new hyped-thing in Singapore. There's a lot of frozen yogurt shop like one of my favorite, llao llao. The nearest store from my school is at Plaza Singapura or Bugis+, which is quite far actually.

Anyway, not too long ago a new yogurt shop opened, just in front of my campus. Which is great because if I feel like eating yogurt, I don't have the hassle of walking too far away.

The new yogurt place is called Yoğart. They sell the typical frozen yogurt; 3 different sizes with different amount of toppings, as well as the one that is similar to llao llao's Sanum. In Yoğart, they call it Bliss.

I decided to go with Bliss for my first try on this yogurt place. First impression: they have decent amount of yogurt, as well as the toppings that they gave. Unfortunately in my opinion, they don't have that much variety of toppings and sauces. When I try the yogurt, it is more sour than llao llao, but it still suits my liking because I do like sour yogurt. Thumbs up!

After that I went for my class then I still feel like eating yogurt (yep, that's how crazy I am with sweet foods). So I decided to buy one of they good-looking popsicle.

I literally fell in love with their popsicle. Not only they are looking good, but also taste super nice. I tried the 1/2 & 1/2, which is yogurt with Nutella. You can never go wrong with Nutella.

Overall, for the price and everything, I think they are a very good yogurt shop and if you are nearby, you should grab your portions of yogurt too!


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    1. It is very tasty, especially in Singapore where the heat constantly striking you!

  2. Yummy ❤

    1. Yogurt culture is happening again I think! :D