Haul: Typo & Cotton On Outlet Store

Friday, May 08, 2015 Dinda Naya 2 Comments

If you are not familiar with both of these brands, basically Cotton On is an Australian brand, mainly focusing on fashion items. Under Cotton On Group, they have different brands like Cotton On, Cotton On Kids, Cotton On Body, Rubi, factorie, T-Bar, Typo, and supre. If Cotton On is mainly selling clothes, Typo is selling mostly stationary and small living goods like desk organizer or home decorations.

As you can see, in Singapore we have lots of their outlets. But today, I shopped at their outlet store, whereby they sell their items in cheaper price. Mostly because the they are last season items or the items that have few faulty.

So here are few items that I got from their outlets

Can we just appreciate how cure this donut memo pad is?

This little guy is a pen holder I believe. But if you don't want to put anything behind her back, she will make a lovely room decoration!

Porcelain LED light. How cute is that?

Bunny socks because obviously I will never had enough socks in my closet

The best part about it is that everything, including two more items (which is a gift, so I couldn't show it here) is under S$ 10!

If you wish to shop at their store, they are located at:

370 Alexandra Road
Queenstown, Alexandra


  1. Hola, I'm a new blogger and I happened to stumble upon your blog. The stuffs you bought are really cute and interesting. It makes me want to go to the store and buy all of their products haha

    Would you be so kind and give me advice on my blog? Any kind of help is very much appreciated. Thank you for the trouble ^v^
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    1. Hello! Thank you for stopping by! I'll read your blog soon! :)

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