Panda Eyes?

Monday, October 07, 2013 Dinda Naya 6 Comments

Hiii guys!

On this blog post I'll be reviewing a beauty product! yayyyy! And the product I'm going to talk about isss *drumrolls*

Soap & Glory Trick And Treatment Under Eye Dark Circle Concealer!

Main reason of buying this: The packaging, HAHA! No, actually the reason I'm buying concealer is because I need one! I never heard anything special about this product but since the packaging is very convincing so I'll give it a try!

The product contain 7 ml / 0.23 fl Oz., it said the product have some peptide dark circle reducers, have special yellow-tone that helps hide blue or purple under eye circles! And the retail price at Sephora is S$ 22

So this is how I look with no make-up at all:

You can see my obvious dark circle, it's because all of those sleepless nights!

And then I use Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream as my base today. My color is in natural beige.

I only put tiiiiiny bit of bb cream near my eye areas because I want to see the effect of this concealer. So you still could see the panda eyes!

This is how I look with the concealer:

To be honest I don't see much different. It does cover some but it doesn't give that full coverage. But it does feel smooth and also it doesn't have strong scent so it won't hurt your eyes.

This is my finish look:

comment below if you want to know what products that I used today! :D

4 hours later:

You can't see much difference with the previous photo, which is great because the concealer doesn't smudge and stays on place! :)

Total 6 hours later:

It fades just a bit, but I don't think anyone will notice it unless they zoomed to your face hahaha

SOOO my final thoughts is... I'll be using this concealer to the very last drop since it's not cheap, but I don't think I would repurchase this as it's doesn't give that 'wow' effect like the Bobbi Brown's concealer. Anyway, you're paying for the quality, huh? ;)


  1. wowww.. Thats great.. i have that black angular circle too on my eyes.. and its so so so annoyed me. And your post assist me to cover mine..
    Its will be nice if we can follow each other.. please kindly visit my blog as Bella Luna
    with love

    1. hehe it feels great to know that my post encouraging someone to do something good! :)

      followed by the way! :D


  2. great post. would you like to follow eachother?

  3. The product design is cute kak!

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