DIY: Nail polish marbling!

Sunday, March 22, 2015 Dinda Naya 2 Comments

I just finished one of my small candles and suddenly I just thought of up-cycling the glass container because I feel it is such a waste to just throw them away.

So I present to you a very easy DIY to upcycle your candle container!


1. Freezed candle container(s) (yes, it is important to freeze them overnight!)
2. Heat-proof container
3. Nail polishes of your choice
4. Knife
5. Nail polish remover
6. Cotton pads
7. Spray paint (I recommend white in color)


1. First of all you need to clean your candle container. It is way easier to remove the remaining wax if you freeze it beforehand. Using your knife, remove the wax from the container

2. Next, remove the labels from your container. My tips would be: try to remove it on a running water as much as you can with knife. Try your best, and there would be some sticky residue left. Remove it using nail polish remover

Squeaky clean!

3. Dry your candle container. Then spray paint it. I use white color so there would be contrasting color between the base and the marbling

4. When it's dry, pour warm to hot water into a container. After that, put few drops of nail polish of your choice. It would marble by themselves, but if necessary, you can carefully marble them with toothpick

5. After that, dip your candle container into the water and carefully turn it with a rotating motion. It will automatically stick to the container. If you're not happy with your work, you can always remove it with nail polish remover and try again.

Failed piece!

Second try...

6. For me personally, I like a bit of texture from the nail polish therefore I like to put some sort of 'goop' on my marbling. But if you don't, you can just use one drop of nail polish instead. Leave it to dry overnight.

7. And you're done! Super easy and it will surely decorate your room just nicely! :)


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