Ticked or not?

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 Dinda Naya 2 Comments

2013 has come to an end and now its time to look back to my 2013 resolutions and see how many ticks did I got!

1. Graduated from highschool. Ticked!
2. Graduated with great score. I didn't get a single perfect score but I think I achieved my best, so Ticked!
3. Make some cash. I did try to sell things from Rooms & Ribbons, although it is not much, but Ticked!
4. Travel to Australia or Korea. Education is my family priority right now, and because we spend so much money on school fees, so No Tick.
5. No more braces. Ticked!
6. Do more exercise. I did zumba and few exercises but it's not consider as a constant exercise so No Tick.
7. Eat healthy food. I've been trying to save some money more because the impact on how week is Rupiah is, and I'm constantly eating junk food so No Tick.
8. Sleep well. After those sleepless nights doing projects? No Tick.
9. Win any contest. I do win some online shop giveaway... so perhaps Ticked!
10. Achieve more. No Tick.
11. Cut & Re-color my hair. I cut my hair tho! Ticked!
12. Have a guh-reat body. No Tick.
13. Learn to cook. I did try some recipes from youtube so Ticked!
14. Have new phone. I changed my blackberry to an iPhone so Ticked!
15. Do more DIYs. No Tick
16. Be kind to people. I guess I Ticked! this one?
17. Tick as many resolution as possible. Let's count; 9 Ticked! and 7 No Tick. Yay! I ticked more resolutions! :)

So how is your resolutions! Do share! :)


  1. Oh well, my 2013's resolutions are also not well accomplished too :(
    But whatever, I hope we could stick out with our 2014 resolutions! Go for the best!! xx