Saturday, March 09, 2013 Dinda Naya 0 Comments

As you know (or you might not), next week I will have my final school exam! Do wish me luck! Your prayers will be sooo helpful! Soooo do understand if I don't appear that much :)

Back to topic. I bet most of you know Terry Palmer. Yes, that towel brand. They allow you, the customer, to have your own customized towel with your name on it. I don't know if there's any brand that would do the same, but I love the Terry Palmer towel's quality.

But today was a pain in the neck! See, last week I went to Sogo at Pondok Indah Mall and want to make my towel. But there's another customer before me and somehow the sewing machine didn't work well and I was in hurry. So I postponed it and decided to make it next week which is today!

I visited Pondok Indah Mall because me and my mom and brother went for shopping. We came to their official store at the skywalk and I don't know why on earth they only have pressed-letter service? I want the embroidered ones and the official store don't have it! Disappointment number one.

I decided to go to Sogo again, hoping that I don't need to queue for too long and the machine will work well. What did I got? The seller is not there. When I ask another seller, she only said; "Oh, Terry Palmer's seller is not available now. They only got one seller shift for today in the morning".

Well if you are having a internationally known brand, is it POSSIBLE that you only work ONE person in ONE shift time? IN WEEKEND? It totally pissed me off! Disappointment number two.

Before I go home, we went to a near supermarket to buy some groceries. And I know they sell Terry Palmer towel as well so I really hope something's gonna work well. So the first thing we did was to find Terry Palmer. We found it and again, no seller. We asked another seller, hoping for a reasonable answer. She said that Terry Palmer seller is on a break, and will be back on 7.30 p.m. Well I don't mind at all because everyone's gonna need a break.

We buy everything we need and when the time showed 7.30, we went back to Terry Palmer section and nobody was there. I asked the seller because I waited for 10 minutes. The seller went to some place which I don't care where and came back with someone, let's call her X. X, easily said that the seller is STILL on break and will be back on 8.

Ridiculous? Yes, I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH TERRY PALMER CUSTOMER SERVICE IN INDONESIA. They didn't serve well AT ALL. You see, it is not my bad luck, I would gladly give you money and buy your towels, 3 towels with embroidered letters on each! But no one would give me a fine service! IN WEEKEND! I assumed that there are not many people in Indonesia that would have customized towels but DON'T YOU DARE use that as a reason that NO ONE was available to give me a service!