Nearly Naked.

Sunday, February 24, 2013 Dinda Naya 2 Comments

So I watched sooo many people on YouTube (Ingrid & Judy for example) that made review on this Revlon Nearly Naked products. I'm totally sooo into it and want it so bad but unfortunately I think they're not available in Indonesia yet so I have to wait :(

Why do I want this product so bad?

As simple as it's name: Nearly Naked. As you notice I will be on college next year (Amin!) and I guess I need to learn how to do simple everyday makeup, without looking like I'm wearing one. This product received so many good reviews so I'm willing to try one! The packaging is also very simple (unlike some of korean brand products – don't get me wrong, I do find them cute! but sometimes it's a liiiittle bit too much for me!) so I could bring this makeup everyday. It comes in many shades, it will be easy for me to find the perfect shade!


  1. My God !! I love this color.. i will buy it ;p

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