Saturday, March 23, 2013 Dinda Naya 2 Comments

I recently SOOOOOO into youtube! It's been a part of my life I guess hahaha. Anyway, these guys are my favorite channels on youtube!

1. Judy from itsjudytime / itsjudyslife

Judy is my favorite youtuber! Itsjudytime is her beauty channel, where she talks about makeup tutorials, first impressions, hauls, etc. While itsjudyslife is her daily vlogs channel. She's making vlogs with her husband, Benji, and I really love their videos! Very interesting to watch and their child, Julianna is sooooo adorable! I watched their vlog like almost every day :-)

2. Ingrid from missglamorazzi

Why I love Ingrid is because she's soo adorable! She mostly talks about beauty stuffs like makeup and clothing tips. The way she speaks and describes things is very cute, and her every month favorite videos always succeed to make me drool on those products!

Epic Meal Time is EPIC!! I love their videos because they are simply hilarious. They are epic, the foods they made are epic, and the way they cooked are epic. I just hope they would live for a long time because I don't know if those calories would affect on their health

Maybe I just love everything related to food? But seriously, my tummy is grumbling whenever I visit her channel. Her cookings are UH MAZING!!! And I feel like watching cooking mama via youtube when I watch her videos :D

There are actually lots of people that I liked on youtube, but those 4 channel are my current favorite! Do subscribe and watch their videos! :) Click the purple colored text to visit them!

They also inspire me to make a vlog, should I? :D


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