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I knowwww it's midnight! I don't know why I couldn't go to sleep... maybe because tomorrow's (or right now) is weekend!

This week have been, believe me, exhausting. So I guess I could treat myself with... late sleep? hahaha...

Honestly, I'm dying (like literally) to find ANY shops, online or not in Jakarta that sells Bath & Body Works candles, especially the 3-Wick Candles ones. I've seen many people on YouTube in America talking about this product and that's because BBW are everywhere in states (with cheap prize too). So pleaseeee anyone tell me if you sell one or if you kind enough, will you send me one? :)

How could you resist not trying these smells?

Warm Vanilla Sugar on it's hand sanitizer product is my No. 1 FAVORITE smell, so I guess I'll love this one!

I guess this candle will be my first aid kit!

Maybe I could taste Paris' atmosphere at my very own room when I have this candle

Who doesn't love cupcake?

I'm very curious about this candle! I never really know how bamboo smells like...

AND to add those, I'm screaming for this ultra cute clutch from Sophia Webster

Hold Me Speech Bubble leather clutch

By the way, do you have favorite songs? I'm currently searching for good songs... I'm kinda bored with my current playlist. Please give me suggestions!

I downloaded few songs, and all of them are good! You could download them too, but I can't give you my links because I closed them, but Google always there to help!

  1. Daylight – Maroon 5
  2. Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself) – Ne*Yo
  3. Call You Mine – Jeff Bernat
  4. I Want To Kiss You – Jung Yeop (yes, this one is a korean song, but you'll love it, I guarantee!)

Shutting down now! Please leave some comments! xoxo ;-)