Time is running out!

Saturday, March 21, 2015 Dinda Naya 0 Comments

As a person who is pursuing her dream in creative industry, it is important for us to be on time. Even if I were not in this field, in my perspective, it is important to be punctual. To be honest I think my punctuality is my strength. Especially when you start to working, people with appreciate you more if you are on time. It will pleases your client, your boss, your company, and yourself. I mean, honestly, isn't the feeling to be on time for meeting people and handing in your work feels good? At least for me, it does. That is why I am very irritated if someone is not on time. Time is money, and when I waste it, there is no turning back.

So it is important for me to have a watch. A proper watch, you see. Watch is always my go-to accessories. They're not just only adding something to my outfit, but it also functional. That is why wherever I go, I will always have my watch on.

Although my love for watch is that big, apparently my budget is not as much to buy new watches every time. I'm always use my Marc Jacobs watch (in which is a gift on my birthday, two years ago). However, as I'm working in creative field, it is normal for me to get exposed with art materialsobviouslylike paint for example. I wouldn't take a chance to spoil my current watch, therefore I always take it off when I'm doing my work whenever the end result will be messy, which is not very convenient.

The result of my work, haish!

So I'm looking for a new watch, that is on my budget, but not like those cheap and fake watch that will not last long. I'm a type of person that will use my stuffs for a long time. So even though the stuffs that I want is expensive, as long as it's worth the money, I would buy it.

I've been eyeing for Swatch watches for a long time. Since I was in elementary school, I've been always a fan for Swatch watches. They have a long history behind them and they are the genuine watchmaker. Unlike Marc Jacobs, Fossils, and Daniel Wellington which is so-called consider as fashion watch, Swatch is a real watchmaker and their watches have different quality, better, in that sense. Moreover, even though Swatch is a real watchmaker, their designs are not boring and old-fashioned, which is good for youngsters like me!

If you have the same problems with me, or you are currently looking into watch, now you don't need to have that hassle on going to the stores anymore as Zalora sells Swatch watches collection too. They offer free delivery as well as cash on delivery!

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