What happened to young generations?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Dinda Naya 5 Comments

Disclaimer: This post will be wordy as ever. So if you're not that type of person who like to read a post without any picture, you're free to not read this post :)

This post will be quite different because I'm gonna share to you guys about my thoughts and opinion. Yes, read that again, opinion. I'm not judging anyone, or anything.

As you guys probably know, it is a globalisation era. In my point of view, there are less racism and sexism in today's world. At least, now people really respect a person, because we're basically the same: human. No matter what colour we are, whether we are female or male, where do we come from, people will treat us the same, as long as we respect each other.

Nowadays, it's really easy to communicate and finding new people. Within the wide range of social medias, we can read, see, watch, heard, people thoughts. We can totally be friends with people around the world in just a mouse click.

We're living in a world of dream. Where everything seem easy. But then again, there's always dark side in everything. With internet technology, you can never hide from cyber bullying, hacking, etc.

But I'm here, not because I want to share about how great our technology are, but how people emotions actually change because of these technology.

A great example come from a total stranger, that's, weirdly, very close to me. So this girl, named G, is very famous in instagram world. Because she made videos on YouTube, and she has this really different lifestyle from most of Indonesians, she instantly became famous. She had over 70K followers on instagram.

So one day, she posted something on instagram that she will held a meet n greet for her followers. But then you have to pay IDR 350.000 (around $35-ish) if you want to attend this event. What you will get when paying that amount of money is: food, photo taking, door prize, games, souvenir, etc. She got two responses after she posted the poster: 1) People who really excited to meet her 2) People who think that it's not worthy to pay that much of money just to see her, because technically she's not even an artist.

After a while, a guy named Z posted his opinion about this MnG. I'm not sure whether he posted it directly to G's page or on his page. His opinion is roughly this:

  • He thinks that it's not worth the money to go to this MnG because she's no one. She didn't have any work or creations yet. 
  • He thinks it's such a waste to spend money on this MnG because the place where she'll held this MnG is just horrible (I have to agree on this one)
  • He thinks if people would pay IDR 350K only to meet this girl, why don't you spend that money on something that's more valuable for you?
  • He thinks that he even met a world-class musician MnG for less than IDR 350K. So he thinks this MnG just confuses him.

Actually, I'm totally understand his point of view because his opinions are reasonable. He had reason for each and every point of his opinions. He put thoughts into his word. That what makes his statement so strong.

Then, G replied him back by swearing, angry, and even uses bad words such as p*nis.

And what did he replied her?
He replied her wisely with words. He didn't put any anger inside it.

But life itself is never easy. You know how much pressure does this man have to take because of his freedom to give opinion? All of G's supporter, let's say, her 70K instagram followers, bashing him up. Told him that he should back off. Told him to don't judge people. Told him that he's ugly. Told him that he's nothing comparing to G. Told him that he's not worthy to be alive.

Well that's funny, isn't it?

All he did was giving opinion. Why he's not allowed to speak, but then you let your idol to said bad words? I really, really don't get it. Just because your idol doesn't like this guy, doesn't mean you have to do the same. You only see things in one point of view. And the idol itself, if she's so famous, she should be aware that you will, eventually, have someone to critique you. To dislike you. And not only one or two, but many. Why is she bothered with only one man opinions?

Me, as a woman, I truly believe that we have to keep our manner. We don't have to act like a princess, but at least we have to use proper words. If a woman out there, speak or write in a way is out of the line, I instantly don't respect her at all. Because she did not respect herself. Some people might think you're cool, 'swag' (I really hate this phrase), or anything. You'll wear clothes that show too much skin, in daily basis. Some opposite gender may dying to be your boyfriend, but it'll be tough for you to find a proper husband. A reminder, this is only my opinion, I'm not judging you out there that uses clothes that showing your skin, because I do sometime dress like that, but not on daily basis.

Why won't you find a proper husband? It's because a man will find someone, to spend the rest of his life with a woman. Not that girl whose, mentally, still a teenager. You're most definitely won't marry someone who have unstable emotions.

So back to G and Z's case, in G's page, she asked her followers to report Z profile so the website could block him. Isn't that very childish?

At this moment, I do really support Z because I do think this MnG is ridiculous. Why?

  • I met a YouTube star, Ingrid (if you read my previous post), for free. You can read my post so you'll know why people love her so much.
  • If you use your popularity for charity, it's much more forgiving. Like what Tyler Oakley did for his birthday, ItsJudyTime's Dancember, and YouTube boy band. If they have to spend IDR 350.000 for charity, she'll have much more positive responses.

In the end, you know who's much more mature and who's the one that's braver :-)


  1. looks like i know the person that you called by G here><
    yea it's ridiculous, like so expensive, even the price is more expensive than MnG for Celebs!><

    Adventure of P-chan!

    1. Hehehe I bet most of Indonesians that have instagram know the case! :)

      And seeing the place of the MnG also the food and entertaiment provided there, it's not even worth in every penny!

  2. hi! how come you're able to meet ingrid! it's so awesome hahaha :D and looking from the case, i agree with you it's not worth the money. tho until know i don't know who you refers to... (eventho i'm indonesian and use instagram too tee-hee) :p

    1. She held meet up when she was travelling to asia (Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong). She held the meet up in Singapore, and it happens that I study here! :)

      I'll give you a hint: she's one of indonesia you tuber, studied in Australia, and had 70K followers on instagram :)

    2. haha i still have no idea... maybe i'm just not so up to date about it but it's okay :)