Stand By Me.

Thursday, March 20, 2014 Dinda Naya 8 Comments

Who doesn't know Doraemon? This character made by Fujiko F. Fujio has already existed even before I was born. Doraemon and his gang play huge role to my childhood. I watched every single episode of Doraemon on Sunday morning. I watched every Doraemon movies. I also collected the comic book.

But every great journey have to end somehow. In a glorious way. So they presented this first and final Doraemon 3D movie. It's about the ending of Doraemon. It is very similar to Toys Story 3, which in their storyline is about how a child grow and mature. IT. IS. SO. SAD.

But there's always one place inside my heart to all of my childhood memories :')


  1. it's so sad indeed. this film just remind me that i've grown and doraemon will leave. nice blog anyway. mind to follow each other?


    1. I bet I'll cry when I watch the actual movie!
      Thank you so much! I'll follow your blog asap! :)

  2. loved your blog!

    xx, Daniella ♥

  3. I really really love doraemon:( i think i will cry while watching the movie

  4. ill definitely crying my eyes out if i watch this movie. >.<
    thanks for sharing!

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