What's on my bag?!

Saturday, June 08, 2013 Dinda Naya 0 Comments

I never done this before, but I guess on this post I will show you guys on what's on my bag, currently!

I'm using this Balenciaga bag right now. It is very stylish and convenient, and the most important thing is you could use it to almost any event, from daily look to some fancy dinner. Mine is the Balenciaga Classic Town Rose Bonbon 

Here's the inside of my bag!
1. iPod Touch generation 4
2. Blackberry 9790 (isn't the skin look so cute! I bought it online)
3. Little mirror (come when I bought the Balenciaga Bag)
4. A hair-band
5. Fossil wallet
6. Pouches (free gift from Gogirl! Magazine)

Here is a closer look from my Fossil wallet!
I really love this wallet because the cute patterns, outside and inside!

Some photos...

Random stamp cards

Cards from my wallet
1. Erha membership card
2. Seungri Card that I took from my friend hahaha
3. Sephora White membership card
4. AIA Financial Insurance card (due to safety reason, I have to cover it with my other card)
5. Etude House Pink membership card
6. My Student card
7. My Singapore sim card number
8. Timezone powercard

Closer look of my Gogirl! Pouches

This pouches really come handy! It keeps all of my mini-sized items so it won't be messing around inside my bag ;)
The left one is only for coins, so I won't write any detail about it

Here's the inside of my right pouch.

1. Blackberry charger (you know how dreadful blackberry battery is! I need to bring this everywhere if I want to stay connected with my friend all day)
2. Hair clips (just because it is so hot here in Jakarta, and currently I have a very long hair and I don't want my hair to get dirty when I eat my food)
3. Little comb from Body Shop (I love their comb! I have the large size to use at home)
4. Eye drops
5. More polaroids
6. Blackberry earphone (I'm not that type of person who need really good earphone to hear my music, any regular earphone would be fine)
7. House key (once again, due to safety reason I have to cover it with this super cute keyring, a gift from my friend)
8. Lipsmacker lip balm
9. Forever 21 lip gloss (I got it when they have their opening promo)
10. A pen

Sooo that's basically it! I don't bring too much stuff to carry around because it would be so heavy and a pain in the neck!

Andddd I'm tagging all of you who read this post to show us (the world!) what's on your bag! You can do a post like me or video of it, anything! Please if you do so, leave a comment below so I could read your post! I would love to see it ;)