[Hashtag] 20 Facts About Me.

Thursday, September 18, 2014 Dinda Naya 0 Comments

It's actually a tag that had been swarming around Instagram lately. But you some of you guys might not follow me on instagram nor instagram user. So I think it would be fun to let you guys know a little bit about myself :)

1. My birthday is on 31st of December, while my sister's birthday is on 1st of January, and my dad's on 2nd of January
2. I used braces for 6 years
3. I'm a professional bathroom singer
4. I can eat lots of sweet but thank you genetics for keeping me skinny. Even so, I often feel insecure about my body shape
5. I tend to get worry when I'm not finishing my works, that's why I usually stay up until late
6. As the result, I have this dark circle around my eyes, like a panda
7. Speaking of panda, panda is my favorite animal and it would be lovely if I could have it as my pet
8. I become more cheerful and bubblier when I'm around people that I'm comfortable with
9. When someone irritates me, I usually just keep it for myself because I don't want to irritate them back. So I rarely shout at people, unless they've reach my limit
10. I don't like to make people wait, that's why I always try my best to be on time
11. I tumblr a lot. Tumblr-in is one of my relaxation session
12. It doesn't shown on my face but I'm actually listen to K-Pop
13. I'm a big movie junkie. I watch most of movie genres with horror and thriller as the exception. From Harry Potter to The Avengers, I like them a lot
14. But then again, disney movies hold a special place in my heart
15. Studying abroad is one of the biggest decision I've ever made. I have to leave my family and friends back in my hometown. However, I learned a lot too
16. In the future, I want to have 3 kids; 2 sons and 1 daughter
17. A thing that I regretted the most is quitting my piano lessons
18. I'm currently collecting Sonny Angel figures
19. I'm not good at holding my tears. When I'm emotionally sad or touched, I would cry like almost immediately (even when watching movies!)
20. My favorite quote would be: "If you have good thoughts it will shine out of your face like sunbeam and you will always look lovely". It's a quote that driven me to be happy everyday.

Now I'm tagging you! If you're doing this tag, make sure to tag me and/or comment on this post so I could know you better, too! :)