Time Lapse.

Sunday, August 31, 2014 Dinda Naya 2 Comments

I guess time does flies. Previously I blabbered on how excited I am on becoming a freshie at Lasalle. Now suddenly I'm already on the third semester and, Insya Allah, I'm gonna graduate in another 3 semesters.

"And what will you do, next?"

This question always frightens me. Because you'll never know. I might change my mind in another two months, maybe in a year. I may or may not achieve what I want.

But it won't hurt if I dream a bit, right?

So after I graduate (with high marks, amin!), the things that I want to achieve...

1. Find a job in Indonesia. 
A good job. A decent job. I know some of you might ask, "then why bother continuing study in Singapore?". I'm taking my major here because I want to learn something new. Learn how to be independent. Learn to talk in different language. Learn different culture. But then again, I find that finding a job here is quite difficult, especially for foreigner. People here seems to be workaholic and a bit 'robotic', I would say. That kind of work will not make me happy and I believe that a work that doesn't make me happy won't last long, so why bother?

2. Still have a great relationship with my friends.
It's either my friends from my previous school and my current school. I would love to keep in touch with every one of my friend right now. I don't want 'graduation' separates us. Although there is age difference in my current class, but I suppose that's not a problem at all. I would love to have them attend my (future) wedding lol

3. Be a pro driver.
Okay, I can drive. But it's just that I'm not used to drive. I want my future self to be pro at driving, so I don't have to be dependent on anyone if I have to go somewhere back in Indonesia (in the contrary of Singapore where public transportation is available everywhere). I have to overcome my biggest problem in driving; parking!

4. Learn how to cook, wash, sew, and clean.
When I graduate, I will be 21 already. At least on my twenties I have to learn how to be a great woman, by doing things that woman should capable of.

5. Become a model?
Well this is kinda of my all-time wishes. I always amaze by how model works and how their picture mesmerizing us. A bit of a fact, currently I'm joining this competition called Wajah Femina (I'm sure most of Indonesian familiar with this). You can help me to achieve my dream by simply click on this
scroll down the page, find the tiny facebook "LIKE" button and you're done! Your like does matter, and I appreciate it the most! :)

6. Be fit
My lifestyle here in Singapore is not the healthiest lifestyle. I often eat junk food (because it's fulling, it's fast, and it's cheap), I rarely exercise (because I don't have time), and I don't have enough sleep (too many works to be done, I guess). So after I graduate I like to commit to myself to be healthy, join a fitness class, eat healthier food and sleep well!

7. Be recognized. 
As what Augustus Waters said (if you read or watch The Fault In Our Stars, you will definitely know this line); "I fear oblivion, I fear it like the proverbial blind man who’s afraid of the dark.". It might sound cheesy, but I'd like to be recognized by people. I'd like people know that I'm exist in this world. I'd like to make something, to be something to this world.

8. Be happy.
Among all the wishes, the thing that I'd like to happen is myself to be happy. Surrounded by family and friends, have a loved one, enjoying every single day, where the sun seems to greet you with happy radiance, the rain seems to comfort you and calm you down, and even the thunder is there to accompany you and not to make you afraid. What I'd like the most is where every small little things would matter :)


  1. woaaa we are on the same semester! and the feeling is too. today, is inaguration of freshies in my campus and i feel like.... "am i senior already? am i??"
    anyway, your #5 is mine. haha. too many sameness here.

    1. Ahaha really? It's kinda weird right how time flies sooooo fast!