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Thursday, July 03, 2014 Dinda Naya 0 Comments

Happy fasting everyone!

Yes, I am finally back! Do you miss me? I hope you do!

Let's look back on what I did while I've been MIA!

So I'm already on my beloved country, Indonesia! No matter how bad the politic, traffic, atmosphere are, I am really happy to step my foot back. It's really comfortable to be around the people I love... :)

OH! I went to Taman Safari for the sake of holiday... Hahahaha. I haven't done anything productive this holiday, I guess I just gonna give my body some peace of mind. Anyway, it is holiday and it's fasting month also! ;)

Quick info for those who want to go to Taman Safari:

Fee per person is: IDR 140.000
Fee per vehicle (car): IDR 15.000

You might want to buy carrots, bananas, before head because that way you'll save some money. P.S: In order to maintain the animals diet, you might don't want to overdose them with foods!

You might want to bring umbrella or poncho, since you can't predict the weather there!

The ticket fee is included with the fee of the rides and animal show there, so you can freely enter any rides or animal show!

Don't forget to bring extra clothes, just in case! Speaking of which, they now have this new attraction; you can now swim with dolphins! I don't know whether they cost extra money, but in case you guys interested, just bring extra money and swimsuit. Keep in mind that the water is EXTREMELY COLD.

The foods there cost around IDR 30.000 onwards.

Here's a pict of from my last trip: