Introducing: Whisper COSMO!

Friday, January 31, 2014 Dinda Naya 3 Comments

Once in every month, all ladies out there will have a monthly guest. Yep, period. Ladies, out there, you know how uncomfortable it is to have a period. You gonna feel cranky most of the times, all the ups and downs emotions just like roller coaster, those cramps, and of course, how it feels to have something running from your va-ja-jay.

And it ain't getting better when you use super thick pads, that is very cotton-y, and the cotton just seems to scattered around when you use it. It doesn't feel good too, when you use a very long pads, but doesn't make any changes to the absorbing quality.

But then I found this pads from Whisper, which is Whisper COSMO.

I think it is a brand new product from Whisper. I really like whisper pads because it is a very good quality pads, so I believe this one will be a good one too.

It said to revolutionises the Whisper pad world. They said it is incredibly evolved, because while regular pads contain fluff (the cotton-y thing I've said), Cosmo is made of Lactoflex. Lactoflex is an innovative material made from liquid.

It said to conforms to your body, with incredible protection
1. Created from Lactoflex
2. With micro-holed and special channels for incredible protection
3. Unique foam core that moulds to fit your body

It's available in three sizes; 24 cm, 27 cm, 30 cm. Because I'm currently going to airport with my first day of period, I choose the 30 cm.

My first thoughts: It's completely different from all pads I ever used before. It is super thin, and the material is super different! I don't know how to describe... but I guess it is very... chewy and bouncy? It feels like a thin pizza dough HAHAHA.

So here is the packaging:

And the funny thing is they give the directions on where is the front side hahaha.

So when I use it, it doesn't feel like I'm using any pads! It feels so comfortable, and the absorbent strength is incredible too. I used for 5 hours now (at my first day of period) and it doesn't leak at all :)

Overall, I really like this product and recommend it to all ladies out there. It's quite expensive tho, S$ 8.90 for 10 pads, but it is worth the price :)

If you ever use this product, do tell me what you think! :)


  1. OMG i want i want i want!! I'm a Whisper lover since i don't know 6 years ago? And it's kinda hard to find Whisper here in Indonesia. And it's kinda confusing when you see that Soft*x have (almost) exact design as Whisper ( the green-pink design ) :")

    Go check my blog:

    1. Oh does soft*x have same design? never realise that!

      You can find the regular whisper at your local hypermarket or any high-end supermarket :) but I guess the Whisper COSMO is not available yet in Indonesia, but hopefully soon!

      I'm gonna check your blog ASAP!


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